Handling Roof Rats

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    Feb 14, 2013
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Opossum with baby in my backyard
Opossum with baby in my backyard
Photo by axollot

Roof rats are so named because roofs are their preferred nesting locations. They prefer to build their nests in high locations such as attics and trees, but they will build nests in use areas such as garbage or in woodpiles if necessary. If you think you have roof rats in your home check your attic as chances are high that they are somewhere in your attic staying dry and nice and warm.

Roof rats are historically known for helping to spread the black plague in the Middle Ages due to the fleas they carried. This is just one of the many things that make them undesirable. They will eat any number of things as well, such as fruits, nuts, pet food, various insects, and will even chew through paper. They can spread quickly if given the chance as females can have as many as four litters in a year and have anywhere from five to eight babies in each litter. If there are no predators present then the babies have an excellent chance of survival – meaning more rats in your attic.

Roof rats are nocturnal and are excellent at hiding and climbing. This can make it tough to discover them if they don’t want to be found. If you do have any citrus trees around your home, you may notice hollowed-out fruit lying on the ground. This is a good indication that rats are around. If you hear scratching or gnawing sounds coming from your walls or attic either during the day or at night then there may be roof rats living there. Look for any holes or locations that they may have gotten into – these may be made by the rats themselves or simply a spot they were able to come through that needs repairing. Look around your attic, garage, or other storage areas and check for droppings. Of course, if you see a rat or two, then it is most definitely time to call for professional help.

Getting rid of rats on your own can be a difficult process, especially if there are a lot of rats in your home. Poisons can be dangerous to children and pets, and snap traps mean you have to deal with the body of the rat. An easier and much more efficient option is to call a green pest control company that uses smart methods and knows how to deal with pests inside and out. A high quality company won’t resort to methods that can be dangerous to your home, like poisons, and can instead use more eco-friendly and risk-free methods to clean out the rats.

Contact a rodent control company like Slug-A-Bug today and talk to them about your rat problem. They will come out and evaluate your home to discover where the rats are getting inside, where they are hiding, and what can be done to get rid of them as well as how to make sure they don’t come back. When you call the right people, the job can be done right the first time and leave you feeling good and worry-free when it comes to rats.

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