Garden Turf - Should You Go Fake?

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    Apr 08, 2014
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Garden Turf - Should You Go Fake? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Fake is not a term that sits too well with most people. If you were presented with a fake Rolex or a fake iPhone, you would probably not be keen in handing your money over. Fake grass however, now that is something completely different. In fact, garden turf is one of the few items where fake is actually considered a good thing.

Fake, or 'artificial', turf was once reserved for football pitches and golf courses; but now, thanks to suppliers like, it is becoming more common in home landscapes and being favoured by some people over 'real' grass turf.

What is Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is the synthetic version of real lawn turf. It is designed to resemble the look and feel of natural grass as accurately as possible and does a great job in doing so. And the fact that it is not the real deal gives it so many benefits.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

If you are a keen gardener and enjoy caring for your lawn – cutting it, feeding it, fertilising it – artificial turf is probably not going to be for you.If, however, you like the look of turf, but are not so keen on the gardening aspect, this type of grass will be perfect.

There are a number of great benefits that fake grass has over its organic counterpart. Firstly, there is none of the time and effort required to look after your lawn to keep it green and prevent yellow and brown stains. Artificial turf is able to stay green all year round,remaining soft in any climate.

Fake turf is also a much cleaner alternative and you will not have kids or pets trailing mud through the house. Dogs will not be able to dig holes in your garden either.

Finally, if you are an environmentally friendly soul, installing artificial turf will reduce residential water needs by around 70% compared to natural lawns – pretty significant when the average household uses 100,000 gallons of water a year on a real lawn! On top of this, there is no need for any pesticides or fertilisers to be used and you will never need to use a lawnmower.

If your home has inhospitable conditions for growing real grass or you want your landscape to have perfect green lawns 12 months a year, maybe it's time you went fake. Check out the artificial cheap turf on offer at Rukeri and transform your garden today.

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