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    Sep 04, 2012
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Masticating juicers also are called single gear or single auger juicers. They are known as that simply because they have a single gear or single auger that literally chews vegetables and fruit to break up the fiber and plant cells which result in saving more fiber, enzymes and other minerals.

Cleaning these types of juicers is usually easier also as you do not have a screen that fiber is pressed through to make juice. Augers are mostly made up of metal and hard plastic parts with not much for the ground up leftovers to adhere to. Most people find cleaning the screens to be more effort compared to benefit they get from drinking the juice.

These kinds of juicers are also generally more effective than similarly priced centrifugal juicers because they are able to extract more juice from the equivalent amount of fruit and vegetables. You know this by how dry the pulp comes out of a masticating juicer versus other juicers. The juice obtained from auger type juicers may also be stored refrigerated for up to 48 hours since the fiber and enzymes haven't been destroyed by the juicing process. This alone causes it to be popular amongst people who juice frequently.

Single gear juicers will be able to extract juice from leaves and grasses that can often clog centrifugal high speed juicers, this makes them ideal for items such as wheat grass, spinach, parsley and other leafy green vegetables. If you are planning on juicing these please check to make certain that your juicer is made to handle them since there are a few brands that have issues with these, particularly Champion juicers.

One of the other advantages of the masticating juicer is because they operate at much slower speed than their counterparts that spin the juice out. The benefit is that you have little if any foam that is the bane of any good centrifugal juicer. This comes down to more drinkable juice to fill your cup with. This can amount to over a 30% increase in the quantity of juice retained from your blends.

A few of these juicers are also able to homogenize foods to make up baby foods, sauces and a number of butters. There are a even a few that with the proper attachments you can extrude pasta or make bread sticks and even beef jerky.

Overall most of the people like the masticating juicers over centrifugal juices for two main real reasons, they produce more juice and they're much quieter to use.

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