Corporate Headshots Should Not Be Boring

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    Feb 25, 2014
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Corporate Headshots Should Not Be Boring Photo by Rihana Paul

Many businesses need to have corporate headshots of the owners, CEO or managers to put out, especially if they have a website for their business. In addition, when branding the company there needs to be quality photographs of the most important people for the general public to look at. These should not be taken by just anyone because they have to look really professional.

By posing the person in the right light and at just the right angle, the corporate photograph will turn out much better. However, it is a good idea to show them against a background that is more interesting than the boardroom or office. A professional photographer should try to coax these people out of their business building to a location where they can relax; the photo will be much better then.

If they do not have time for that, then standing against the outside of the building their business is housed in would be an option. If a bit of their logo or a sign on the building can be included in the photograph, so much the better. However, some head shots have all the background screened out so that only the head shows up.

Even so, a commercial photographer knows just how to get the best photo and make the person look even better than they are in real life. They say the camera never lies, but these days there are ways and means to make it tell an untruth. In any case, unless the person poses properly they could have a dark shadow under their eyes or chin that would make them look haggard and old. That is why it is essential to choose a good photographer.

You may also need a specialist food photographer if you need to showcase food products for your catalogue or website. These photos can be made more attractive by adding appropriate accessories such as a tea-towel, knife, cooling rack or plate – or even wine glasses. If the food is seasonal, accessories can include ribbons, holly, bows, baubles and so on if they are appropriate. However, the food should be given the prominent place and the photo should not look overcrowded.

Not all commercial photographers do all kinds of photos. Some specialise in food or catalogue items, while others major in other aspects such as business or corporate photos, or children or even landscapes or animals. So it is wise to take this into consideration when choosing a photographer.

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