Digital Photography - The Beginning of an Era

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    Nov 13, 2012
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Photography has been a tool used to capture motions, expressions, occasion and the likes there of. Since its invention, the camera has been a mainstay in the fabric of our culture. Recent advancements in the technology of the camera has produced some of the mst breath taking and vivid photos imaginable.

Digital photography is form of photography that uses an array of electronic photodetectors to capture images. Once this image is captured, it is digitized and stored for digital processing. This is quite an advancement when juxtaposed to the origin of photography. Digital photography is one of the more popular forms of digital imaging practiced today.

Digital cameras were first available commercially in The early 90's. Digital cameras began to evolve and  progress in development. These cameras were celebrated because of their ability to deliver instant picture review. This meant that one no longer had to wait around for film dot be developed. Another convenience was, images were able to be shared more efficiently. Through this, photography was made available to more potential for more potential customers. Higher quality resolution also was made available due to a significant increase in pixel usage per inch. Digital photography has also proven to be more cost efficient ,as they have the ability to store hundreds of pictures where as normal cameras must reload film every twenty-four to thirty-six shots.

Photographs that are taken digitally can also be connected to your television to enhance viewing pleasure. Photographs are also able to be edited through software as opposed to traditional methods of development. In regards to setbacks, there are a few worth mentioning. Digital cameras rely on electrical currents to operate. Usually supplied through battery, adapters and plugs are also used. Also, in some cases important details and images have been lost using software.Digital photography is credited by many as revolutionizing the art of photography. It should be noted that through technology, digital photography is available in many cell phones and hand held cameras.   

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