How To Cure Depression

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    Sep 21, 2012
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There are many different kinds of depression and in turn, many ways to cure it. If you are going on the natural route, here are a few tips:

*Keep your home/room clean. (A cluttered space only worsens the way you feel)
*Drink tea (as opposed to coffee)
*Herbal supplements
*Music (If you like hard rock or heavy metal music, try toning it down a bit. Listen to something softer.)
*Sleep more (Lack of sleep can most definitely be a cause of depression. But if you find that you cannot, you could be suffering from insomnia.)
*Exercise and stay active (when you move around, your body feels better.)
*Talk to a friend (Sometimes talking to a friend is easier than a hired professional.)
*Healthy diet (Fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods will make your body feel better. Greasy, fatty, sodium filled, junk food is only going to make you feel worse in the long run. In the moment, snacks may seem comforting, but will only harm you in the end.)

Now, if none of these options seem to work for you, here are some more:

*See a doctor (They may be able to prescribe medication for the depression. Depression is 100% treatable)
*Talk to a therapist (If you don't feel comfortable talking to a friend or family member, sometimes it is better to get an unbiased opinion or talk to someone that doesn't know you.)
*Check into a rehab (Having people around you who understand and are going through the same thing as you could be a breath of fresh air.)

And Finally..get your priorities straight. If you feel down, or have the slightest though that you may be depressed, take action. Don't sit around and wonder, do something about it, because there is a cure. There is a cure for everything, especially depression.
The biggest tip here is: Find out who your friends are. Surround yourself with people that love and support you, and your decisions.

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