How Full is Your Glass?

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    Sep 05, 2012
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Happiness works in many different ways and has many different affects on people. There are some you could say, that have a good solid grasp on it and seem to last the entire ride. While there are others that wouldn't know happiness if it knocked them in the head. If they did know it most of the time they will tell you the bad they see in it.

This brings in the glass, half empty or half full. Happy people tend to be more giving and always looking at the positive. One example, your team lost the game but for the first time in three games the offense has showed hustle and moved the ball well. Whereas the half empty person would add who cares we lost. These people miss so much when they take a negative position on life and thinking that good things never happen. On the other side of the glass, the half full side that is. These people are thankful for what they have and everything in their lives. They seem to be closer with their families and friends and also with god.

No one can change you and the way you feel but you. Try to find that negative that is hidden within you. Many say if you find it and throw it out and accept the good. You then will have more good things and things to be thankful for than a person knows what to do with. This will affect your life your surroundings and also help put you at peace with yourself. I'm sure we can all agree that sometime or another we have all thought that we had the worst day ever. But really if you think about your life, wouldn't you agree that you are truly blessed compared to others around you and the troubles they are caring with them. No matter how bad it is, there is always someone worse off than you. Be happy you are able to see that and that you have the will and ability to change that. With that done you can then turn and lend a helping hand to someone on their cloudy day.

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