Dental Implant Specialists in Chicago Discuss the Shocking Truths about Removable Dentures, PART 1

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    May 07, 2013
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Dental Implant Specialists in Chicago Discuss the Shocking Truths about Removable Dentures, PART 1 Photo by Rooden Salle

For centuries, removable dentures have offered the accepted solution to edentulism (the state of not having a single original adult tooth left) and near-edentulism. These bulky appliances are made to replace an entire arch (or part thereof) of missing teeth either by resting directly upon the gums covering the jawbone ridge, or via hooks that are attached to any remaining natural teeth. Either way, removable partial and full dentures are known to cause patients a host of difficult daily challenges as well as repeat expenses that – contrary to common belief – actually make them the least cost-effective tooth replacement solution on the market! We spoke to the specialists of dental implant in Chicago about removable dentures and, in this four-part article series, will be presenting the shocking truths they had to reveal.

Chicago Dental Implant Specialists on Dentures

1. “Removable dentures do nothing to maintain a healthy jawbone…

… They just sit on the gums without providing any stimulation or exercise to the underlying hard tissue. As a result, over time, the bone tissue atrophies from disuse and wastes away, leading to a remodeling process that actually changes the shape and overall volume of the jaw. It’s atrophy that causes the aged and sunken-in facial appearance we typically associate with the elderly. This appearance is not common to all elderly people; only those who are toothless or just about toothless and who have been wearing removable dentures for many years!”

In connection with the previous point:

2. “Removable dentures actually cause premature aging of one’s natural youthful facial contours…

… As the jawbone atrophies, the face appears to cave-in on itself and a person’s strong and youthful jaw line begins to appear crumpled in (see image below). Few people realize that when they lose teeth and choose to address their problems with removable dentures they are about to embark upon a process of bone loss that is going to cost them their youthful appearance,” explains a dental implant specialist in Chicago.”

Premature aging is a terrible disadvantage. Just think about how important your smile and youth are to you! The reality of the situation is that people just don’t understand the full extent of the consequences of denture wearing.

3. “Removable dentures can cause terrible discomfort in the mouth...

… This might be one of the better-known disadvantages of wearing dentures. Since they rely on their bulk to remain stabilized in the mouth, they tend to cause their wearer’s much discomfort and self-consciousness. They also rest on the gums and transfer all the eating forces into this delicate soft tissue. The constant rubbing and pressing against the gums can lead to inflammation, sensitivity and the development of painful sores that aren’t given a chance to heal (unless you decide to eat without your dentures for awhile.)”

Did you know that approximately 50% of denture-wearers report that they eat better and more comfortably without their replacement teeth? What does this say about the utility of a technology that’s supposed to help you manage your food? Not very much at all!

Stay Tuned for Part 2

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article series to read about more shocking denture truths revealed by the specialists in Same Day dental implants in Chicago.

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