Exercising in a Pool to Meet All Your Fitness Needs

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    Aug 24, 2013
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Exercising in a Pool to Meet All Your Fitness Needs Photo by American Pool

A seasoned athlete will use a pool to build strength and endurance.
Your backyard swimming pool can truly become your very own fitness complex. There are many trainers, videos, and instructors that can get you started on the right foot and with the right techniques so you can be successful. In a swimming pool of any size you can get an awesome workout. Before beginning your own exercise program, be sure that you consult your doctor.
It has long been a proven medical fact that regular aerobic exercise helps to prevent heart disease. In order to have a true cardiovascular workout in a pool, you must move rapidly and work with effort. Your heart rate during your workout should reach 70-85% of your max heart rate. How do you determine that? Do the following easy calculation. 220 beats per minute and then subtract your age. Multiply that by your percentage of workout, 70 to 85%. To difficult? Here is an example. Let’s use a 45 year old person. 220 – 45 = 175 maximum heart rate. 80% of that maximum would require and maintain 140 beats per minute for 20 minutes. Too much for you? Try settling your initial goal at 65-70%. Bottom line, swimming increases your metabolic rate and it works on the entire body.
As far as all or you 40 plus million Americans that have arthritis, almost half of you limit your activities due to the arthritis. In general, pool water buoyancy makes exercising easier on your joints than non-pool exercising programs. The pool’s water pressure can even, in many cases, decrease joint swelling. The warmer the pool water, the better you will feel. Always make it a habit of letting your muscles relax before and after the exercise routine. It is also best to move your arms or legs slowing and gently when attempting a full range of motion and never force a movement. Begin and end your routine with the easiest exercise.
Hope you find this information helpful and we will continue more on the benefits of swimming pool exercise at a later date.
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Happy swimming!

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Creating a water fitness exercise routine appeals to people with all types of fitness ability of all ages. A swimmer with arthritis or back conditions find a pool the perfect place to obtain an aerobic workout and to stretch out.

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