Why you Should have a Medical Transcription Company Rather than an Inhouse Typist

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    Jan 27, 2014
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Ever wondered what Audio Typing is all about? Why would you need it or more to the point, would you ever use it?

The answer is yes!  Here is just some of the reasons why even you could use our services:

  • Thesis that needs typing up? - No problem - We'll even correct it for you!
  • Book thats been sitting there forever waiting to be typed? You could be the next JK Rowling!
  • Get it typed.
  • Medical Digital Files waiting to get typed? - Send them through - they'll be back to you in no time!

Audio typing involves a competent typist with years of experience doing what they would do for you in an office situation - without the overheads (or the in-house office politics to contend with!). Thats right, from just $1.45 per audio minute, your files will be transfromed like Rumpelstiltkin's straw to gold.

Why wait another minute - dust off those files, send them through to medicaltranscription@medicaltranscriptionservices.com.au and turn them into gold.

We have more than 40 years Medical Transcription experience, 50 years typing experience and know our grammar, punctuation and spelling. 

Instead of wading through the competent companies that invariably just outsource their work offshore, send it through to us and know it will be typed in Australia, by Australian typists. 

Your confidential documents or medical files will be sensitvely dealt with. We ensure all our files are securely transcribed.

In this fast paced society, we use our smartphones, ipads and laptops more and more while on the go - now you can send your audio files directly through to us with these devices.  Simply download the application from the App Store through Itunes, dictate your audio files and send.

You don't even need to leave the coffee shop!

For a confidential discussion regarding your requirements send through an email today.

Someone (in Australia!) and local to you will get back to as soon as possible.


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