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Hospitality Equipment Supplies Photo by Nat Spencer

Excellent hospitality equipment supplies can help make or break you as hotel operator. A hotel’s drawing power rests in its attractiveness and its customer service, and you will need high quality hospitality equipment to guarantee this to your guests. There are many hospitality equipment supplies in Australia you can choose from so don’t settle for anything less than the best in quality and affordability.

Types of Wholesale Hospitality Equipment Supplies

The hospitality equipment products’ catalogue is a pretty extensive one. You can avail of different machines and wholesale hospitality supplies for sale, and some manufacturers even have equipment for rent/lease, used equipment sales and other budget options.

1. Hotel room equipment: Some hotel rooms, suite rooms in particular, are outfitted with a number of home appliances for added convenience to their guests. Examples of these are toasters, coffee makers and room refrigerators.

2. Storage equipment: Different foodstuff and materials call for different storage methods that storage and handling equipment aim to serve. Under this category are wine cabinets, ice chests and heated storage cabinets.

3. Kitchen equipment: This category has subdivisions for the many processes and procedures found in the kitchen. Included here are:

a. Food processors like blenders, peelers, slicers and mixers.

b. Cooking equipment, Commercial countertop equipment and Commercial beverage equipment such as stovetops, grillers and all-purpose cooking centers.

c. Beverage equipment like juicers, slush machines and beverage dispensers.

d. Bakery equipment such as baking ovens, dough rollers and bread slicers.

e. Washing equipment like continuous motion counters, dishwashers and pots and pans washers.

4. Food display equipment: An orderly and eye-catching way to showcase products at the store or restaurant counter. Some examples are Bain Maries, Countertop cooking equipment and floor standing display cases.

5. Laundry equipment: Heavy duty machines used by maintenance crew to wash hotel linens or, if provided by the hotel, private laundry services for tenants’ clothes. Included here are commercial washing machines, spin dryers and stacked washers/dryers.

6. Wholesale Hospitality Supplies : Mostly everyday items, they are best bought in bulk to cut down expenses and should be custom made, inclusive of hotel logo, to fit the business’ motif. Examples of these are tablecloths, bed linens, bath towels and toiletries.

Ways to Get Hospitality Supplies and Equipment

The hospital equipment supplies in Australia are a big market so you won’t have a shortage of suppliers to choose from. Several merchants offer custom design options to tailor fit hospitality supplies to your hotel, others offer buyers a test period of select equipment to convince them to make a purchase, others offer a rent/lease option and others even sell select second hand equipment, all properly cleaned and repaired of course. It’s a matter of knowing where and how to look for the right supplier who will fit your quality criteria and your budget so do a little research and cataloguing before making your purchases.

Remember that while high standard Hospitality equipment may come off as expensive initially, they will save you money in the long run by sparing you from the constant letdowns and repairs coming from substandard equipment.

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