Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

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    Jul 20, 2013
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Cosmetic surgery is a hot topic these days. Despite its cost, cosmetic surgery has boomed over the past decade or two. Various talk shows, newspapers, fashion magazines, and reality TV shows have focused on the subject a multitude of times. Most likely, you’ve also known or known of somebody who has undergone some form of cosmetic surgery, right?

But have you ever considered the risks of these kinds of procedures? Yes, sometimes complications occur with an improper procedure or because the patient went to an inexperienced medical professional. Only a proper plastic surgeon, like Dr. Robert Guida, M.D., P.C., can achieve the desired results. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you nmay have several questions for your doctor. Let’s keep reading to find out more.

How major are the operations? It is often believed that plastic surgery falls under minor surgery, but this isn’t always the case. For example, many patients assume that a face lift merely involves excising a bit of skin and no more. But a carefully performed face lift takes a few hours. Be sure to ask your surgeon how long the procedure will take before you decide to get the surgery done.

Are there cosmetic surgeries for men too? Most people think that cosmetic surgery is only effective for women. And while it is true that the percentage of women who undergo plastic surgery is higher than men, cosmetic surgery suits both women and men. The percentage of men getting cosmetic procedures done is increasing. If you have any questions about what procedures may interest men as well, contact our offices in Manhattan.

Will there be any scars? As with any other surgery, incisions for certain procedures may leave some scarring. Scars can be partially removed, but they cannot be gotten rid of permanently. With the proper surgeon, however, scarring should be minimal and will likely fade gradually over time.

What is the simplest and safest surgery to help me achieve my goals? How is the surgery performed? Are other options available? What results can I expect and how long will the results last? All these questions are a sure way to find out more about the procedure that you’re interested in, and can help you decide on a proper plastic surgeon.

Finally, always be sure to ask about the risks associated with the procedure. Every surgery, whether it is minor or major, carries some risk. Once you gather knowledge about the possible risks, ask your plastic surgeon about the precautions and medicines.

Once you clarify the above doubts, you can go with the fee details. Be sure to get answers to all of the questions listed above if you want a successful cosmetic surgery to enhance your appearance.

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