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    Jun 07, 2013
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Cosmetic plastic surgery is a unique medical field
Cosmetic plastic surgery is a unique medical field
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Cosmetic plastic surgery is a unique medical field that allows a cosmetic surgeon to unify his or her technical expertise with artistic senses to reform and reshape vital facial features like the nose, eyes, eyebrows, and even lips.

A plastic surgeon must be a good listener and have excellent visualization that not only visualizes a patient’s expectation of feature shape or problem removal, but can also suggest the best solution with the help of technical aids, such as computerized digital imaging. A patient’s motive for choosing cosmetic surgeries may be solely cosmetic, but more often such procedures can be used effectively as functional surgeries to resolve health issues like snoring, sleep apnea, and sinus disease. Here are some artistic cosmetic surgery procedures that not only enhance your appearance but also correct certain health issues:


Rhinoplasty is nose reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. Apart from general nasal cosmetic concerns, rhinoplasty is exceedingly advantageous for the following nasal issues:

• Broken nose
• Nasal obstructions
• Sinus disease
• Functional problems of the nose

Both functional and cosmetic nose surgeries require a high level of experience and qualification. Communicate well with your surgeon to describe what you expect and be attentive to what the surgeon suggests.

Nasal Obstruction Surgeries

One of the most common reasons for nasal obstructions and problems with breathing is a deviated septum. Nasal lining may also swell due to an injury, allergy, and overuse of nasal sprays, thyroid abnormality, high blood pressure and even usage of birth control pills. Such discomforting issues of the nose can easily be corrected by cosmetic nasal surgery. Other structural nasal problems that can be fixed with this surgery are:

• Deviated septum
• Nasal polyps
• Swollen tissues in the nose
• Tumor
• Large adenoids

The surgeon must sufficiently examine the problem and its causes before performing any of the corrective nasal procedures, such as a deviated septum surgery and sinus surgery.


Puffy skin under the eyes and droopy eyelids are loud signs of aging that can easily be corrected through blepharoplasty. You can get blepharoplasty surgery done alone or can have it done with other facelift surgeries like a forehead lift and facial implants. Eyelids and under eye skin is thinnest, which is why it requires special care while opting for the best cosmetic surgeons who have experience of such intricate surgeries.

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