Patients Guide to Facelift Surgery

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    Sep 21, 2013
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As time passes, your lifestyle and personal experiences, both good and bad, begin to show on your face. From your early twenties onwards, every laugh and frown that you express begins to leave its cruel imprint in the form of facial lines. Add to this, the effect of the sun, pollution, and stress that make you look older than your years. Advances in plastic surgery and anti aging technology means nobody has to sit back while they age. Today there are many options suitable for every budget and need.

There are different types of potential treatments for the face, from face masks to laser resurfacing. But many people are unconvinced with the outcome of these methods. They think that risks of undertaking facelift surgery are more compared to its benefits. Somewhat, this is not totally right! Hundreds of people opt for facelift surgery in Manhattan every year, and generally the results are deemed a big success.

Facelift surgery refers to the tightening of facial skin via incisions. Nowadays, it is combined with a neck lift, liposuction, brow lift or blepharoplasty in order to enhance the entire face. Let’s see the different types of facelift procedures from past to present in this article.

Subcutaneous Facelift: This is the oldest technique and still used today. In this surgery, the skin is lifted and tightened above and behind the ears by cutting your skin in a line that runs from the temples, down in front of the ear, back round behind them and onto the scalp. This surgery offers good result, but the results don’t last long as it involves muscle tightening at the same time. Subcutaneous facelift is best suited to older patients or patients who have already had one facelift.

SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) Facelift: This is a modern standard facelift surgery introduced around thirty years ago. The surgery involves lifting the skin with tightening the underlying muscle and tissue. In this surgery, patients look less stretched and have less visible scars.

Sub periosteal Facelift/ Mask lift: In this surgery, through incisions in the scalp and mouth, the surgeon lifts the forehead and mid-face. This is a scarless procedure suited for younger patients with mid-facial problems. It produces the greatest change in appearance of cheeks and is very effective on laughter lines.

Endoscopic Facelift: The treatment involves an endoscope or small telescope with a camera that is fed through incisions in the scalp. Then the surgeon uses a long-handled instrument through another incision that cuts beneath the lining of the bone to avoid nerve damage.

That’s it! Discuss the above treatments with your plastic surgeon in Manhattan and find out which is best for you. Select wisely and enhance your appearance.

The author has an immense knowledge on facelift surgery in Manhattan. Know more about plastic surgeon in Manhattan related info in his website

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The author has an immense knowledge on facelift surgery in Manhattan. Know more about plastic surgeon in Manhattan related info in his website

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