Why you Should Attend Centennial College

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    Feb 12, 2014
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Why you Should Attend Centennial College Photo by Jason White

Ontario's first college has grown to be a powerful force in educating young minds from across the world. Centennial College is one of the most diverse colleges in the world, attracting learners of different ages and cultural backgrounds. This postsecondary institution has certificate, diploma and degree programs in business, technology, health sciences, engineering, transportation, hospitality, and community studies. Find out why you should be attending Centennial.

Wide opportunities for learning
Competitions, class field trips, guest speakers, networking sessions, and field placements are some of the few ways Centennial exposes students to the real world and become more involved in the learning process. Classes are just the basic method of teaching, and the Centennial highlights the various college experiences learners can encounter, whether program-specific or for the general education of all its students.

Supportive staff and programs
As a student at Centennial, you are entitled to a vast amount of resources and access to facilities that can help with your career development. The modern day labs are open for practice, libraries provide ample space for studies with its computer network and wealth of online database, and faculty and staff are available to guide you in your career and personal life.

Large student network
Centennial also has a supportive student population, with groups like Peer Mentors and Peer Tutors to help students with their studies and overall college transition. The people who will meet in the classrooms, campus events, and student clubs are your future colleagues. Build your network early and connect with them after graduation with the help of the college's Alumni Association.

Degree programs
You don't have to be a university student to earn your Bachelors in Science, Engineering, or Applied Information Sciences. Learning at the college still means having advanced academic training but also having applied training through class labs and field placements. A Toronto Degree is issued to graduates who have completed one of Centennial's degree programs.

Hands-on experience
Centennial is famous for its hands-on approach to learning, incorporating industry practices and real-life problems and solutions to every course. Simulations, lab practices, and field placements are some of the ways students can learn while developing job-specific skills in their areas of discipline.

Graduates at Centennial gain higher education and receive adept learning in their field. Many complete their program, not only with a diploma or degree, but with months and years of experience, which are sought out by many employers. Some of the resources and opportunities that students used can also be accessed as alumni, making Centennial be a part of your career success from beginning to end.

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Jason White gave potential students five main reasons why they should apply at Centennial College, including the various Degree Programs offered.

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