Toronto College Offers Programs As Diverse As Its Host The City

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    Jan 09, 2014
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Toronto College Offers Programs As Diverse As Its Host The City Photo by Jason White

If you can think of a few words to describe Toronto, they would likely include diversity, multiculturalism, and Canada's largest city. This unique city also includes a college with the same distinction: Centennial College. With over 100 cultural groups present on campus and 80 different languages spoken by students, Centennial built a reputation as one of the world's most diverse college. Its demographics compare to its program offerings, which caters to the needs of the students. It has over 100 full-time college programs and at least 160 part-time programs.

Centennial offers programs that fulfill student ambitions while helping the economic needs. It prides itself by educating students with industry-related teachings and providing hands-on experience to over 16,000 full-time students and 22,000 part-time students. All programs fall on an umbrella of related studies as discussed below:

School of Advancement
The purpose of the programs in the School of Advancement is to guide all students at Centennial with the necessary education. The mandatory English course that all students must complete, as well as the general education courses and liberal studies fall in this category. Additionally, many students who wish to learn the foundations prior to entering diploma programs can enroll in general arts and science programs and the English Language Learning program.

School of Business
Business skills are essential for any field of studies and Centennial's School of Business amplifies business studies for graduates to contend in the competitive working world. Business students specialize in a variety of areas of business, including: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations. To serve the needs of the students, Centennial identified and created specific programs to extend the business programs. This includes part-time and accelerated business programs, and an Aboriginal business stream for Accounting and General Business programs.

School of Communications, Media and Design
The artistically-inclined students will take courses offered in this school, where they can express their talents while earning a diploma and maintaining lively careers throughout the years to come. There are certificate, diploma, and post-graduate programs to choose from, depending on the student's preference. Programs are taught at the Story Arts Centre, where Centennial houses state-of-the-art facilities for media and design students.

School of Community and Health Studies
Future healthcare professionals, police officers, social service workers, and other community leaders are grouped together in this school. Students undergo mandatory lab practices and field placements to help them experience their careers while they are still developing their skills in school.

School of Continuing Education
Targeted to busy individuals wishing to pursue further education, the School of Continuing Education offers a wide variety of supplementary courses and advanced programs to add to your current education and work background. Many students opt for the distance learning option which helps them study at their own pace, time, and place.

School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science
Centennial admits engineering students who wish to have more practical experience and gain a valuable education that are cost and time-efficient, compared to other colleges and universities. These engineering programs are tailored to the biology and environmental sector, the automotive and manufacturing industries, and Information Technology and Communications area. Many students earn an on-the-job training experience, such as co-op placements and apprenticeships.

School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture
The hospitality industry relies on professionals with vast experience in the trade, so Centennial helps these professionals by engaging them on knowledge and experience, relevant to their field. Many programs consist of field placements where students learn on the job and gain industry contacts to launch their careers. The rich and diverse programs teach students various lessons from culinary skills to business management, focused on the hospitality and tourism industry.

School of Transportation
Students who wish to practice the trade in the automotive industry can enroll in programs within this school, where apprenticeships are required to test a student's skills and abilities. In addition, professionals working in their field can gain a college education and enhance their knowledge through a modified apprenticeship program.

Within each school, a list of different programs is offered which are also divided into different course options. Centennial College provides a diverse list of college programs to cater to its diverse student population. Each program contains a unique learning experience, with a balanced mixture of theory and practical lessons.

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