College Hits the Next Level with Four Years of Schooling in Degree Programs

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    Mar 10, 2014
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College Hits the Next Level with Four Years of Schooling in Degree Programs Photo by Jason White

University courses have stereotypically been casted as the academically-intensive education between that and the ones in college. However, it is unfair to say that colleges have easy courses. In fact, colleges lean toward applied learning where knowledge is bridged with hands-on experience. One of Ontario's colleges, Centennial College, focuses on inclusion, which makes higher education accessible for everyone in the community, no matter what your social status may be. Centennial's courses are relevant to the workplace as they incorporate industry practices and job-specific skills.

Centennial offers certificate and diploma programs, and in recent years, degree programs as well. The quality of its college courses remainrobust, but to add an extra level of credential, programs are explored even deeper with advanced and specialized courses in the fourth year of Bachelor's programs. Centennial offers degree programs in computer networking and software design, as well as in nursing.

In comparison to universities, colleges charge less in tuition fees, and that is also applied in degree programs. In general, first year domestic students at Centennial only pay $6,850 for the first three years of applied degree programs, with the fourth year being just a bit more than this price tag. Meanwhile, students pursuing their Bachelor of Science in Nursing credentials pay around $5,950 for the two years. These tuition fees are substantially less than their university counterparts, who have similar curriculums, but Centennial provides more practical experience.

A new addition to Centennial's line of degree programs is the Bachelor of Public Relations Management. In four years, students will take courses at the Story Arts Centre and at Progress campus. The curriculum is composed of 10 core business courses fused with communications courses in writing, social media, and research. As an extra offering of the program, a ninth semester exists to help students gain job experience through the field placement. There are similarities in the program admission requirements for the PR program with the other degree programs but it is much stricter in the English language. Students must obtain a minimum of 70% in Grade 12 English in high school. Additionally, there will be a writing test prior to admission offer as well as a required letter of intent, where the student expresses his or her desire to join the program.

Here are the top three reasons why you should earn your Bachelor's degree at Centennial:

  • Because Centennial's degree programs contain up-to-date course materials that are up to industry standards, and they are taught in conjunction with hands-on experiences in labs and field placements
  • Because Centennial has knowledgeable and supportive faculty and staff members who will assist students in their academic, career, and personal growth
  • Because the class sizes are quite small, especially compared to universities, giving students the opportunity to receive individualized attention from their professors, and get to know their peers in school who will also be their industry contacts in the near future

Centennial's degree programs have stellar curriculums taught by qualified professors. It continues to progress with its program offerings by selecting in-demand professions and creating new programs, such as the Bachelor of Public Relations Management. Graduates have an easy college-to-workplace transition with their Bachelor's degree and work experience from the lab and field placements.

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Jason White is seasoned writer who has been delivering his services to Centennial College for the last five years. He wrote this article about the College Courses in degree programs, highlighting their strength as having extensive teachings matched with hands-on experience in labs and field placements.

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