Only Eight Months of Training Required For Kitchen Leaders in Food Service

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    Mar 31, 2014
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Only Eight Months of Training Required For Kitchen Leaders in Food Service Photo by Jason White

If you can stand the heat, then stay in the kitchen. Professionals in the culinary arts understand how much stress and pressure takes place in restaurants and the food service industry. It's more than hot skillets turning up the heat, but hard work to reach quality and perfection while balancing time and product output make up this fast-paced work environment. Kitchen management is important in keeping the fort together, and it can be taken through a program at Centennial College.

The Hospitality Operations - Kitchen Management (1806) program teaches the foundations of a career in managing kitchen operations. In a short time of eight months, students will gain relevant knowledge about the food services, while practicing their leadership roles in the kitchen through a field placement. Having the food service-specific skills are important in this trade, and they can be developed through kitchen management courses in Centennial College.

The curriculum consists of food service courses, kitchen-specific courses, and some business and management courses geared towards the hospitality industry. Kitchen managers need to understand the organization in an operational level, so they need to know how to run a food service company from the food production to the service outside with the customers. However, they need to understand food service more deeply, with the costs and supervisory practices. Additionally, students will be prepared in the strategic level through the courses in accounting, human resources and planning, and higher-level operation courses.

Many industries envy the customer service practices that restaurants, catering companies, and other food service firms operate. Customer Service: A Modern Approach is a hospitality course in the Kitchen Management program that infuses the customer service ideology to support internal and external customers. Customers are more than the paying patrons who eat and dine in the restaurants. They are also the people who work for the restaurants, as well as the suppliers who help make kitchen operations possible. Students will focus on the communications process and the processes in creating customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction.

Throughout the program, students are supported by experienced faculty, who are more than willing to give students extra time and attention when required. Classes at Centennial are kept at small sizes, and the professors are available for one-on-one help and mentorship. In addition, the school provides a safe environment, where students can work and flourish with their studies. These hospitality students have state-of-the-art labs to gain some hands-on practice with their kitchen skills, and a fully-operating service restaurant to hone their leadership skills.

Upon achieving success with the industry-specific courses and experiences, students will graduate with the competency in completing basic kitchen tasks and managing the overall operations. In addition to their Ontario College Certificate, they leave with the Smart Serve certificate and the National Sanitation Training certificate, both which are commonly required for workers in food services. Centennial's hospitality program is built to give food service professionals the right training, in academics and professional practice, so they can have promising careers in the hospitality industry. Some career paths that graduates have pursued included restaurant supervisor and managerial positions in hotels and some of Canada's largest food service restaurants.

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