College Courses at Centennial College Range in Approach and Ultimate Outcome

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    Aug 27, 2014
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College Courses at Centennial College Range in Approach and Ultimate Outcome Photo by Jason White

Did you know that post-secondary institutions offer students a range of courses that ensure anyone who wants an education has an option that will suit him or her?

Take Centennial College, for example. It's college courses don't just come in full-time or part-time options. These areas branch off into training that can be personalized depending on your goals.

Full-time options: While attending school five days a week, students have a range of choices to make in regards to the program they choose.

  • Co-op programs are a popular option as their courses are offered in conjunction with real-world experiences when students head into their industry and work alongside professionals to implement what they have learned and develop their network.
  • A similar option is the apprenticeship style courses. The programs vary from two to five years, depending on the trade. Students are typically already employed in the industry and wish to move up by obtaining the education they require. The standout aspect is an earn-while-you-learn, on-the-job experience.
  • On the other hand, students who wish to attend college but gain a degree instead of a diploma or certificate can do so in programs that offer university courses at college level, with the added benefit of practical experience.
  • While degree programs take four years to complete, Fast-Track course options speed up the process. Centennial College has adapted certain programs to be completed in a shorter amount of time by compressing the delivery of courses and eliminating liberal electives.
  • Also shorter in time are courses geared towards Graduate students. Those who have already completed a post-secondary education can attend programs that are short in duration while still providing opportunities for hands-on work, internships and placements with prospective employers.

Preparatory Courses: Just as full and part-time programs aren't cut and dry, neither are the ways in which students enter their dream program. Some students may require prep courses to gain the credits they need before they can apply for certain programs. Centennial College's pathway courses allow students to earn an English, general education and university transfer credit, and graduate with a certificate or a diploma.

Second Career: While some students need prep to enter their courses, other students just need a second chance. For Ontario residents who have been laid-off, Centennial College offers the Second Career option. Eligible participants may qualify for up to $28,000 towards tuition, books, and transportation and living expenses. Second Career also aids in skills training and academic upgrading or English as a Second Language training as required. At Centennial College the eligible students can choose from more than 85 programs.

Centres and Institutes: This option offer students a wide variety of courses that equip them with the critical job skills they need to succeed in the career they want. Among the centres at the college are the Applied Research and Innovation Centre, Centennial Energy Institute, Culture and Heritage Institute, Emergency Management and Public Safety Institute (EMPSI) and Institute for Global Citizenship and Equity.

These are just a few examples of the types of college courses offered at Centennial College.

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In his article, Jason emphasizes that students of Centennial College can customize their college education how they see fit by choosing from a range of college courses.

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