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    Oct 18, 2013
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Degree Programs With College Perks Photo by Jason White

Most often, we associate degree programs with university-level study. However, at Centennial College, students can attend degree programs that result in bachelor degrees with the benefits of a college style approach to learning. Centennial College's four-year degree programs offer practical skills to secure the job and the theoretical background and extensive subject knowledge employers are looking for. These degree programs either see students spend all of their time on the college's campuses or split their time between Centennial and a university partner.

Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences - Computer and Communication Networks: Networking professionals are in demand and this degree program was designed to meet that need. As such, students can specialize in network security or wireless systems, and master topics among which are computer network fundamentals, website design and development, LAN switching and routing, marketing of services, database design and modeling, database driven web applications, wireless networks and more.

Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences - Software Systems Design: The only of its kind in the province, this degree program trains students for careers as software developers, software engineers, systems analysts, business analysts, Web application developers, IT project managers and computer programmers/analysts. To ensure that students are prepared for such a wide range of careers, this degree program uses state-of-the-art laboratories, specially engineered for the curriculum, to cover topics such as: emerging technologies, software quality assurance, programming for network systems, architecturing database solutions and more.

Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences - Bridging to Software Systems Design: This four-year offering is different from the previous two degree programs in that computer program/analyst graduates or software engineering graduates from Centennial or from a similar program from another college may be eligible to complete it in two years. This is achieved by attending three bridging courses (two in mathematics and one in computer architecture) during regular semesters as well as a host of others.

Bachelor of Science Nursing (with Ryerson University): This degree program's goal is to turn students into nursing leaders who are highly competent, knowledgeable and committed to playing a vital role in shaping healthcare. As a result, grads of this degree program have the know-how to work with people of diverse backgrounds, ages and degrees of health and illness, in a variety of contexts.

Journalism (with the University of Toronto): This degree program is designed to teach students to cover to newsmakers and events in an objective way, while using the latest digital technologies and social media to file stories quickly and accurately. Students develop a portfolio of multimedia content using video, audio and photo galleries.

New Media Studies (with the University of Toronto): Taking a project-driven approach to the design and development of visually compelling digital products that are to be delivered to internet enabled devices is what this degree program is all about. Using a range of digital video, audio, photo editing, design and graphics software, students create a range of products that integrate multiple platforms.

Paramedicine (with the University of Toronto): The final of Centennial College's degree programs, Paramedicine is not only partnered with UofT but also with Emergency Medical Services throughout Ontario. As such, students obtain relevant hands-on training in emergency medical, trauma and psychological situations, using state-of-the-art simulation facilities. Also covered are biology, chemistry, psychology, and research.

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