Beauty is Skin Deep and Starts with Estheticans

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    Feb 19, 2014
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Beauty is Skin Deep and Starts with Estheticans Photo by Natalie Carrigan

Old man winter treats your skin badly, but not this group of workers. Estheticians are beauty specialists, specializing in cosmetic procedures, such as facials and various body treatments. They make you look great and healthy, but most of all, their services can boost your confidence and elate your mood.

Estheticians deliver various services in maintaining a beautiful and healthy skin, including body contouring, chemical peels, and exfoliation treatments. Professionals work in salons, spas and clinics where the following common duties can be found:

• Plan appropriate treatment plans for individual clients by analyzing their skin types, medical history, and preferences
• Perform body and skin treatments, including massage therapy, nail and hair treatments, skin toning procedures, waxing, and facial treatments
• Cleaning and sanitizing the equipment and work stations
• Knowledgeable of products in providing demonstrations and recommendations to clients
• Performing administrative tasks, such as scheduling clients and updating the client database
• Managing the inventory, including organizing and stocking the shelves and purchasing new items
• Completing cash and card transactions

This exciting career has a good employment outlook, and promises to have plenty of growth in its career path. Also, being an esthetician gives you a wealth of knowledge, so you can care for your own skin health. So, if you are interested in the well-being of your body and skin, register at an esthetics college to start your journey in the beauty industry. It can be completed within only two years in the Esthetician (9153) program at Centennial College.

Centennial’s School of Community and Health Studies provides state-of-the-art facilities, where students can gain hands-on experience using the industry’s current products and equipment. The academic teachings and hands-on practice at the college mirrors the job demands. Take an inside look of the many program highlights:

• Examine basic concepts of anatomy and physiology, in regards with esthetics, so students can understand and interpret the human body and its changes.
• A focus on the anatomy of the hand and foot is analyzed, so students can apply appropriate treatments during manicure and pedicure sessions.
• Basic microbiology will be taught so students will become aware of the sources of contamination and modes of transmission. Students will learn methods of decontamination for equipment, tools, and hard surfaces.
• Learn how to differentiate between normal and unusual hair growth, and practice waxing methods on both facial and body hair removals.
• All personal care services courses have a strong focus on safety and proper sanitation techniques.
• Students will also concentrate on customer service as primary skill

Students of the Esthetician program at Centennial will encounter unique benefits. In addition to the relevant class lessons and hands-on experience, the faculty members are skilled and experienced, bringing their industry knowledge and insights into the classrooms. Additionally, students undergo an on-the-job training at Centennial’s Censation Esthetics Student Clinic, where they provide services to the public, while being supervised by qualified faculty members.

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