Job Opportunities for an Electrical Engineering Technician

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    Mar 03, 2014
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Job Opportunities for an Electrical Engineering Technician Photo by Pamela Wendell

Employment opportunities in the field of electrical and electronics are expected to increase in the coming years. Consumers these days are using countless electrical products in their day-to-day lives. This has increased the demand for professionals who can install, test, repair and troubleshoot electrical circuits, connection and equipments.

Not only this, even employers are looking to hire skilled electrical engineering technicians who have undergone formal training. They are interested in employing individuals who possess both technical and business skills. The market is fiercely competitive. This is why companies want to hire people with well-rounded knowledge, hands-on-experience and excellent interpersonal skills.

What are the Career Opportunities for Graduates in the Field of Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineers are employed in a variety of sectors including power distribution and utilization, electrical power generation, transmission and protection, industrial telecommunications, electrical maintenance and installation, control systems, services, sales, design and repairs.

The students can assume entry level positions in these industries right after completing a post secondary diploma in electrical engineering. They can work in offices, manufacturing plants, lab facilities as consumer service companies as well as run their own small business.

The technicians are often expected to work on countless everyday products and specific equipments - both old and new. This is why the types of jobs are as diverse as the electrical systems, devices and equipments used by people in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Electrical technicians are considered more eligible for middle level management positions after they have substantial experience in dealing with customers and working on technology products. This is because they have broadest knowledge in the field of engineering.

What is the Scope for Electrical Engineering Technicians in Canada?

There is an acute shortage of skilled electrical technicians in Canada both regionally and nationally. Most people employed in this field have gained knowledge by working on different equipments and devices over a period of time. A small percentage of technicians are formally trained.

Employers in the country are keen in hiring qualified and formally trained professionals who can ensure safety and compliance with relevant codes and standard practices. The range of functions for an engineer nowadays is vast. They are not only technicians but are also business representatives.

There is a huge scope for skilled electrical technicians in Canada in almost all the states. Students can build rewarding careers n the range of employment settings including utilities, consumer services and industries using electrical technology.

Electrical engineers are generally well paid. They are among the highest paid professionals in the field of engineering. As people rely more and more of technology and electrical products, electrical technicians are considered extremely valuable.

How to Become a Skilled Electrical Technician?

Students interested to build careers in this field are required to enroll into a diploma program post secondary school. A number of colleges in Canada offer two-year electrical engineering courses. Different colleges may have different curriculums or ways of training students. However, the basic subjects remain almost the same everywhere.

An electrical engineering program combines classroom lectures, practical in labs and actual workplace assignments. Students can obtain thorough grounding in electrical engineering sciences by studying and working on electrical circuits, motors, equipments and devices. The extensive lab practice provides ample opportunities to develop required skills for assuming entry level positions.

Students should ensure that the college they are seeking admission in is accredited with a state or national body of education. The value of diploma courses from accredited colleges is any day higher than the courses from private institutions.

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