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    Mar 26, 2014
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Information on Pre Health Programs Canada Photo by Jason White

The one-year pre-health science program prepares students for gaining an entry to college-level science programs. It is designed to help them obtain knowledge and academic requirements necessary for gaining admission in a post-secondary diploma or degree program at the college. Upon completion of this program, the academically qualified students can apply for college programs, such as pharmacy technician and transportation, practical nursing, paramedics, and Bachelor of Science in nursing.

The program is a right choice for those who

  • Are unable to meet entrance requirements for their preferred health or science program
  • Require further prerequisites or eligibility in science subjects
  • Are recent high school graduates and wish to upgrade their knowledge of science subjects
  • Need to increase their scores in science subjects to seek admission in a preferred health or science program
  • Are unable to decide which career path they should choose
  • Are not aware of which college education program best suits their career goals and interests

If you're facing any or some of the above challenges, probably a pre-health program is for you. The program covers all important science subjects, such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, developmental psychology and pre-anatomy and physiology, helping students enhance their understanding in these subjects. A strong emphasis is also laid on communications and computer education for healthcare professionals.

The pre-health programs in Toronto offer students an opportunity to qualify for higher studies and explore various available career options. Those who are not prepared to choose a specific career path or lack academic qualifications can consider enrolling in these courses. Through classroom study, they gain required knowledge necessary to apply for college-level science programs.

Although the career prospects for health and science graduates are better than ever but employers are keen on hiring professionals who have strong foundation in science subjects and have hands-on training in the same field. It all starts from science education in high school. However, those students who didn't study science in high school or lack thorough understanding in any of the subjects should consider enrolling in a pre-health course. It typically runs for two year through two semesters and offer students

  • Eligibility for post-secondary science programs
  • Academic advise
  • Career exploration and development advise
  • Essential communication and computer skills for the field of health sciences

In order to apply for this program, you will need to fill and application form and submit it along with other documents, including secondary school diploma certificate, scores of English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent and Mathematics Grade 11 M, 12 C or University or equivalent. Students currently in high school can also apply for this program. There midterm and final scores will be automatically transferred to the college. The application can be submitted online, via mail or in person.

Numerous Canadian colleges offer such programs. Unfortunately, not all are good. Centennial College's post-secondary one-year program in pre-health is one of the most prestigious programs in the country. It is a comprehensive and intensive program that fulfills all specific goals of students.

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Jason White, the author of the article, discusses how Centennial College's pre-health program is a right choice for those who want to explore various available career options in the field of science or those who want to obtain eligibility to enroll into science programs at the college.

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