Hospitality and Tourism Courses That Serve As a Foundation

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    Oct 15, 2013
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Hospitality and Tourism Courses That Serve As a Foundation Photo by Jason White

The great thing about a post-secondary education is that you can decide whether you want to attend a college program or university, depending on your area of interest, monetary situation, how quickly you want to enter the field and more. If you're deciding between a hospitality degree or diploma but aren't sure which is right for you or you don't have the credentials needed to enter either, there is an undertaking that can help. Centennial College's Hospitality Foundations offers a combination of general education and hospitality and tourism courses that result in an Ontario College Certificate and the knowledge needed to move onto the next step of a college career, during which you are invited to join any program of your choice.

The time period it takes to complete these foundation hospitality and tourism courses is just two short semesters but the knowledge gained can offer you perspective that will help you to be successful. Let's take a look at the combination of general education and hospitality and tourism courses that make up this program. 

Semester One: Learning from professors who have experience in the field, you are exposed to a carefully measured pace to program delivery. Foundation hospitality and tourism courses during this semester include Geography and Tourism - Western Hemisphere, during which you learn about the world's landscapes and how the landscapes of the western hemisphere relate to tourism and diversity in culture; as well as Sanitation, Safety and Hygiene. The second of these two hospitality and tourism courses is important as more than 60 per cent of the food consumed is prepared in restaurants, delicatessens, cafeterias, or institutional kitchens. Working in hospitality often means coming in contact with food so you must learn how to become a safe food handler, supervisor and manager. However, the first semester is also focused on general education by way of math, college communication skills, and life skills and job readiness courses.

Semester Two: Semester two is also a balance of general education and hospitality and tourism courses that will help you to become totally comfortable with the college environment. The general education courses are a continuation of first semester courses with more advanced levels of math, college communication skills and life sills and job readiness. Meanwhile, hospitality and tourism courses include Geography and Tourism - Eastern Hemisphere, which compliments the first semester Western Hemisphere course. You learn the impact of tourism on the environment and the importance of eco-tourism. Additionally, you partake in another hospitality and tourism course called Theory of Food Fundamentals, during which you focus on theoretical principles of food production.

To apply for the foundation hospitality and tourism courses, you must be advised and assisted to register by the Centennial College Assessment and Advising Centre. Also required is at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature applicant status (19 years or older). Before you register, you must complete the Centennial College English skills assessment and score 130 or 131. In some cases, your skills assessment score will satisfy the requirements for your original program choice. Centennial College will notify you by sending an offer to their original program if there is still space available.

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