Reasons for Why You Should Enroll in a Post Secondary Business Marketing Program

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    Feb 24, 2014
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Reasons for Why You Should Enroll in a Post Secondary Business Marketing Program Photo by Jason White

A business marketing program opens doors to several career opportunities in almost all the industries. No other post-secondary program offers students more versatility and variety when it comes it career choices.

An education in business marketing can be your ticket to a rewarding career in the industry of your choice. Almost all the companies, across the globe, hire business executives and front-line managers regardless of the nature of their business, type of industry they operate in, level they operate at and the nature of their offerings.

However, this is not the lone reason for which you should consider enrolling in a business marketing course after completing secondary education. There are numerous other reasons that make it one of the most preferred post-secondary programs. Here they are:

  • Widely-recognized top credential: It is one of the most widely recognized educational credentials that can help you find employment with any type of business organization in any geographical region.
  • In-depth understanding of the business world: A business administration is the lone educational program that helps you gain a sound understanding of business world. You gain knowledge in various areas of a business including marketing, finance, human resources, operations and production; and functions of a business including planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. You also gain in-depth understanding of factors affecting business scenario, such as technological, political, economical, governmental and demographical.
  • Earning Potentials: Unlike other programs, a business administration program may help you get a decent paying job. Moreover, it offers you better earning potentials after you accumulate relevant work experience.
  • Polished Communication Skills: Communication skills are as important as business skills. A marketing representative has to deal with people most of the times. Therefore communication skills play a critical role in networking with people. A business administration program lays strong emphasis on business communication and interpersonal skills than any other course.
  • Establish Your Own Business: A business marketing course is one of the few post-secondary programs that provide you knowledge and skills to establish and run your own business.

Choosing the Right Business Administration College

A business administration program may offer you all these benefits; however, it depends on you how much you learnt during your business marketing training in Toronto. In addition to this, career opportunities may vary widely depending upon your college. A reputed college, in comparison with average colleges, may offer you better industry placement options upon completion of your program. Therefore, it's important to choose your college carefully.

Centennial College's three-year post secondary program in business administration – marketing offers students broad-based training in business in various areas, including marketing research, marketing communications, interactive marketing, e-marketing, customer relationship management and brand planning.

It combines classroom learning, guest lectures, case studies, presentations, projects, computer simulations and a project sponsored by an entrepreneurial endeavour. Graduates of this program can find employment as marketing coordinators, sales representatives, marketing analysts, promotions assistants, assistant brand managers, advertising assistants and public relations assistants.

Students considering higher education can use their credits earned during this program to apply for more advanced study courses with associated universities.

Enrolment Guide

In order to apply for this program, you need:

  • Secondary school diploma or equivalent
  • English Grade 12 C or University of equivalent
  • Mathematics Grade 11 M, 12 C or University or equivalent

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