College Strongly Infuses Practical Learning in its Program Offerings

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    Feb 12, 2014
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College Strongly Infuses Practical Learning in its Program Offerings Photo by Jason White

You may be familiar with Centennial College as one of the biggest college in Ontario, offering diverse programs and courses in its campuses in Toronto. Its reputation lies in its collaborative and inclusive environment, inviting students of all backgrounds to have an opportunity to learn and earn a higher education. Its diverse course offerings not only vary by disciplines, but by methods of delivery to accommodate students' needs. The college has a strong foundation in applied learning, where it connects classroom lectures with real work experience.

Centennial's programs are specific to their schools. Future business leaders, nurses, engineers, IT professionals, kitchen managers, and automotive technicians can start their careers by earning certificates, diplomas, and degrees in college. Centennial has four campuses and several satellite sites offering over 200 programs and courses in its eight schools: School of Advancement, School of Business, School of Communications, Media and Design, School of Community and Health Studies, School of Continuing Education, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture, and School of Transportation.

No matter which career path you take, Centennial is here to guide you, from the start of your enrollment to beyond your graduation. One of the ways this postsecondary institution guides its learners is by teaching them how to become good global citizens. Its Signature Learning Experience (SLE) empowers students to make a positive impact and help change the world through awareness and action. SLE is taught throughout the semesters of each program, and has one specific college course that introduces the movement. The Global Citizenship course is founded by Centennial's current President and CEO Ann Buller, to help make the leaders of tomorrow become aware of their surroundings, both the good and the bad. Centennial students and graduates are encouraged to stop inequality and injustice, and promote diversity and inclusion.

Through its courses, Centennial reflects the needs of this world in its global citizenship course but also mirror the knowledge and skills that are sought-out in the workplace. Each program has an advisory committee to reflect on the learning outcomes and ensure that industry trends, issues, and practices are incorporated in the curriculum. Aside from lectures and classroom involvement, skills and comprehension are strengthened with blocks of interactive and hands-on learning. Case studies and relevant exercises and assignments are given to relate the readings with real-life examples. Furthermore, students meet with industry professionals during guest speaker sessions in class or field trips, where networking starts and learning comes from current industry experts. However, the faculty members themselves have years and years of experience in their field, some which are still active, so they frequently relate and give examples of the working world to their students. Theories are enhanced with lab practices, where students gain hands-on training in simulations and real clients, supervised by their professors. Additionally, field placements add on-the-job training experience where students analyze the needs of an external organization.

Students gain good role models from their professors, industry professionals, and Centennial College itself by providing strong competencies in the disciplines they teach. The programs and courses offered by the college are strengthened with their industry-approved curriculums and unique practical experiences. Graduates can start their career with confidence that they can achieve success and make a difference in the world.

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