College Courses Take On Many Forms Depending on Your Future Goals

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    Jun 23, 2014
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College Courses Take On Many Forms Depending on Your Future Goals Photo by Jason White

The type of program you will apply for at post-secondary level will depend on a few factors. Firstly, what type of previous education do you have? Are you a student who just graduated from high school? Are you returning to school after previously completing a college education? Did you graduate from high school years ago and are returning to school for the first time? Additionally, you will want to consider your future goals. Do you plan to go right into the field for which you train? Have you thought about attending additional classes beyond college? Do you hope to complete some of your studies at college level and some at university?

Once you figure out the type of education that is suited for you, it will be easier to pick the type of college courses that will benefit you most. At Centennial College, students have 100 full-time programs and 140 part-time programs to choose from that range in length, admission requirements and ultimate credentials.

Full-time: These programs and courses see students attending class on campus five times a week and gaining a solid balance of theory and practical application in areas such as: Business, Communication, Media and Design; Community and Health Studies, Engineering and Technology Applied Science, Hospitality Tourism and Culture; and Transportation. Full-time programs require students to have completed an Ontario secondary school diploma or equivalent or take an entrance test.

Part-time: For those who have other obligations, part-time programs feature courses that can be taken during evenings and weekends, online or through print-based correspondence. Students complete various assignments and must take a number of examinations to graduate.

Degree: While traditionally offered through universities, colleges are increasingly facilitating four-year Bachelor programs that give students the opportunity to complete a respected degree while gaining a balance of theory and practical application. Centennial College’s degree programs are the first of their kind in Canada.

Graduate Certificate: For those who have previously completed a post-secondary education there are quick-paced graduate studies that typically allow them to advance in their field. For example, those with an advertising background may take courses in a program like Advertising – Media Management.

Fast-Track: These types of programs see students who previously attended a post-secondary institution or have worked in a particular field enter a program at a point that allows them to skip a predetermined number of semesters. For example, those attending the fast-track Journalism program enter the offering during the third of six semesters.

Co-op: Full-time programs offer options that see students working in the field prior to graduation and actually earning money as though they were employees. Co-op typically takes place between semesters.

Apprenticeship: Taking an earn-while-you learn approach, these programs typically cater to students who want to enter a trade and more specifically in the transportation industry.

Joint programs: These programs feature college courses that are completed both at Centennial College and at partner universities Ryerson University and the University of Toronto. Students benefit from theoretical and practical courses that result in a degree.

University and college prep: In order to prepare students with credentials they need to enter programs of their choices are college and university prep classes that focus on personal, academic and professional attitudes and skills.

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