The Many Benefits of College-Level Degree Programs

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    Mar 04, 2013
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The Many Benefits of College-Level Degree Programs Photo by Jason White

For students who wish to attend degree programs but want a college rather than university experience, Centennial College has the solution. The Toronto institution offers both four-year bachelor undertakings and programs that see students completing part of their degree on campus and then transferring to a university in order to finish up their studies.

While students have different reasons for wanting this experience, there are many benefits. First and foremost, Centennial College takes much pride in the type of hands-on training that if offers students. Many degree programs feature case studies, stimulations, field trips and field placements in addition to theory and lectures. Another benefit is small class sizes of college programs that ensure more one-on-one time with instructors and more peer interaction. With the economy on unstable ground, degree program students can also rest assured that they are making a sound economical decision with the smaller tuition fees that attending college offers.

Centennial College has two degree programs that are offered by the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science.

The first is called Computer and Communication Networks. The program is a unique blend of technology and business subjects. Students of this college program study from state-of-the-art laboratories that are specially engineered for the curriculum and uniquely equipped facilities offering VoIP, cellular networks, wireless broadband (WiMax), advanced routing and switching as well as network management. As a result of the degree program, graduates work as project management analysts, IT program managers, technical account managers, business account managers, network administrators, network analysts and network support.

Centennial College's other degree program is Software Systems Design. The only of its kind in the province, the program has a unique focus on system design, a blend of technology and business subjects as well as industry placement. It also provides specialization in mobile application development or service-oriented architecture and cloud computing. As a result, graduates of this degree program may work as software developers, software engineers, systems analysts, business analysts, web application developers, IT project managers and computer programmers/ analysts.

Please note that computer program/analyst graduates or software engineering graduates from Centennial or from a similar program from another college may be eligible to obtain a four-year Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences in Software System Design in two years — as they are able to join the program in the fifth semester. In the Software System Design college degree program, students complete three bridging courses: two in mathematics and one in computer architecture during regular semesters.

Meanwhile, for students seeking both a college and university experience, Centennial College offers degree programs in the form of the bridging option. Agreements with various institutions, allow students to start their college programs on campus and finish them off at the campus of the particular university with which their program is associated. As such, students can partake in a Bachelor of Science Nursing program, which they complete at Ryerson University. Meanwhile, Applied Microbiology, Environmental Science and Technology, Journalism, New Media Studies and Paramedicine are all degree programs offered in conjunction with the University of Toronto.

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