College Programs Are Only as Good as Their Campus

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    Jun 11, 2014
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College Programs Are Only as Good as Their Campus Photo by Jason White

While most colleges offer students one campus, Centennial College is the exception. As the first community college in Ontario, it has established four campuses across the east end of the Greater Toronto Area to ensure that students are getting the most specialized and in-depth learning possible.

Each of the four locations Centennial College offers serve a specific set of college programs. Let's take a closer look at how each of the campuses is specifically designed to suit the curriculums of the programs that are facilitated out of it.

Progress Campus: This campus was traditionally designed to cater to the programs within the School of Business and School of Hospitality and Tourism and Culture. As such, it offers not just classrooms with equipment and software that students will encounter once they graduate but facilities that mock the real world. For example, students who attend programs dealing with the food and beverage aspect of hospitality and tourism — Baking (Commercial Bakeries), Baking (Pastry Arts Management), Hospitality Operations (Kitchen Management) — study from a state-of-the-art culinary centre that has been upgraded with all of the most modern equipment. Meanwhile, students in more administrative or event planning-based programs benefit from a living lab restaurant called Horizons, and an event and conference centre. For School of Business Students, the central locale of Progress Campus ensures that they are close to a range of major companies at which they can obtain co-op experience prior to graduation. Finally, a recent renovation to the campus has seen the building of an athletic centre that allows for recreational activities as well as a space for students in programs such as Recreation and Leisure Services as well as Fitness and Health Promotion to practice their skills.

Ashtonbee Campus: Thanks to longstanding relationships with a wide range of car manufacturers, students get to enjoy college programs that include training on real assembly lines with real car parts. This location is actually the largest transportation training centre in the province and houses cars, car parts and a real airplane hangar.

Story Arts Centre: Creative career programs require a continuous update of software and equipment. At Centennial College, students in offerings such as Broadcast and Film or Journalism enjoy learning from modern newsrooms complete with HD cameras, new computers and all of the latest software. Meanwhile, those in arts-based programs such as Art and Design Foundation Studies or Fine Arts Studio learn from expansive art studios in which they can interact with their instructors while working on full-sized easels. This campus is also close to Toronto's creative and cultural centres, making networking an essential part of the student experience.

Morningside Campus: Known as the technological campus, this location caters to programs within the School of Engineering Technology and Science, and the School of Community and Health Studies. Thanks to its large size, the campus contains an array of science labs where students can complete hands-on compartments of their courses, large lecture halls and mock settings such as hospital rooms, an ambulance-like vehicle, a massage therapy clinic and a spa.

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