Canadian College Offers Enjoyable Learning Experience Through Inclusive Environment

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    Dec 18, 2013
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Canadian College Offers Enjoyable Learning Experience Through Inclusive Environment Photo by Jason White

Attending a Canadian College such as Toronto's Centennial College is a unique experience for a variety of reasons. While this institution is known for preparing students for a range of careers in areas such as business, transportation, community and health, communications, media and design; engineering technology and applied science; and hospitality, tourism and culture, it also balance academic benefits with personal ones.

Here is a closer look at some of Centennial College's non-academic benefits, which are essential to personal growth.

Athletics and Recreation: Guided by the notion that every student deserves a positive recreational experience while at Centennial College, the Athletics and Recreation department has done everything possible to make it so. From the experienced recreation staff, knowledgeable fitness staff, industry leading facilities and equipment, the recreation experience at Centennial College is a memorable one for students at all levels. As a member of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA), the college allows full-time student athletes interested in competitive intercollegiate sports to try out for Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Men's Soccer (Outdoor & Indoor), Women's Soccer (Outdoor &Indoor), Badminton, Cross Country and Golf. Meanwhile, the Campus Recreation league is for those who want to compete in sport at a competitive level but aren't able to maintain the schedule of a varsity athlete. Extramural teams allow students to represent the Colts as they compete at tournaments across Ontario in basketball, hockey and cricket.

Dining Service: Getting the right nutrition is essential to being alert in class and, therefore, achieving academic success. At Centennial College, students at all campuses (Progress, Morningside, Ashtonbee and The Centre for Creative Communications) have various dining options that are both healthy and nutritious. All locations except for the Centre for Creative Communications feature Tim Hortons kiosks to provide students with coffee (which student doesn't need a dose of caffeine sometimes?). Additionally, at Progress Campus, students can dine at Horizons, an on-campus restaurant that serves as a living lab for students in the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture.

Student Association: The Centennial College Student Association (CCSAI) Incorporated represents full-time and part-time fee paying students at Centennial College. The CCSAI is responsible for providing services and advocating on behalf of its members who make up the student body at Centennial College. That means this organization plans a range of events, helps students obtain scholarships, holds fundraisers and other charity causes, helps students find off-campus housing, and much more. It also runs a used bookstore that allows students to save money by buying other students' used books as well as the EcoDepot — a service that provides students with access to professional clothes for job interviews and workplaces at no cost.

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