Benefits of being a Centennial College Student

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    Jan 28, 2014
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Benefits of being a Centennial College Student Photo by Jason White

Whether you are a full-time student or part-time learner, being a Centennial College student has a long list of benefits. The college offers various support programs to help students develop their skills and acquire knowledge in their field and also outside of it. Additionally, the professors, students, and staff provide much needed support to help students in their career path. The advantages of being a Centennial student are highlighted below.

Wide selection of programs
Centennial offers an array of programs from various disciplines. Certificate, diploma, and degree programs are available according to students' needs. Additionally, the program formats are diverse and accommodates the busy schedules of students.

Applied practice in state-of-the-art facilities
Centennial reinforces the importance of applied learning through its lab practices, no matter which program students are involved in. Its classes have been upgraded to make workplace simulation possible, with labs equipped with the latest tools and technologies found in the industry. Students are required to build their industry skills and learn to think analytically to provide viable solutions for real-life problems.

Peer support
Centennial created various program to support student learning, including some that require a peer-to-peer network. For students who wish to have extra help with their assignments and courses, they can find Student Tutors in library and learning facilities. For those who wish to gain advice from senior students of the same programs, they can apply to be matched with a Peer Mentor who will serve as a college guide to new students. And for students wishing to improve their communication and language skills, Centennial offers the Let's Talk sessions, where a team leader initiates the discussion and enforces language-building skills within a group of students.

Skilled professors
Centennial employs the best of the bunch to teach its students. Qualified professors, with extensive knowledge and years of experience, give lectures and coach students in hands-on training. They provide industry insights as well as real examples from their personal experience. Most of all, they know how to approach students with their effective teaching styles.

Distance learning options
Centennial offers programs and individual courses for career development to its part-time learners and full-time students, wishing to learn outside of school grounds. Distance learning can provide flexibility in time and place of studies. Online options are available for those who wish to take their classes anywhere with an Internet connection.

Scholarships and Bursaries
Students have access to many scholarships and bursaries across Canada, but also to program-specific and Centennial-only financial aid. Students from each school can receive top awards, rewarding them with medals and monetary assistance. Additionally, generous donors have given support to specific students at Centennial who will meet the academic criteria and other requirements.

With an engaging and innovative school, Centennial students find themselves with many points of contact with helpful tips and resources to help in their personal and career growth. Centennial offers a wide program selection, including degree programs, and a vast array of resources to help students in learning. Visit to book a campus tour and learn more about what this college has to offer.

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