Compose Your Career in Television and Film Business

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    Jun 25, 2014
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Compose Your Career in Television and Film Business Photo by Jason White

How are films and television programs produced? Where do they arrange funds from? How Entertainment Law controls the production and broadcasting of films and television program? What goes into international distribution of a program or a show? What can be the alternative revenue streams for entertainment industry?

If you are really interested in knowing what all goes into production and distribution of films and television programs, a career in television and film - business may be the right choice for you. And if you find ‘what goes behind the scenes' more interesting that ‘what actually is going on the screen', then a career in film and television business is for you.

Of course, it's a known fact that building a career in show business is extremely difficult even if it's related to production and distribution of TV programs and films. But the good news is that hard work and specialized education can lead you to the right path, helping you break into television and film industry.

Film Programs in Toronto

A number of film programs in Toronto prepare graduates for careers in films and television industry. Some of these courses focus on screen writing while some emphasize on acting and directing skills. There are only a handful of programs that cover business aspects of the television and film production industry. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the right college and the program that can help you meet your specific career goals.

Centennial College Toronto offers one-year graduate certificate program in television and film business that focuses on the importance of importance of an entrepreneurial spirit and global outlook. The program helps you explore financial, legal and regulatory aspects of the industry and develop skills necessary for producing in the current Canadian market.

The film school Toronto offers an intensive program that integrates the knowledge of film and television industry with accounting and business principles and practices, global marketplace, distribution models, transmedia and additional revenue sources.

Program Structure

The one-year program runs through two semesters and covers a wide range of subjects, including The Business of Producing, Accounting for Film and Television, Production Management and Coordination, Entertainment Law, Production, Business and Entrepreneurship, Financing and Funding, Team Building, Going Global, Alternative Revenue Streams and International Distribution.

The program offers a unique mix of classroom learning, projects and field placement. You will be provided with ample of opportunities to learn production techniques through the various stages of pre-production, production and post-production in both crew and leadership positions. The emphasis is placed on developing project financing plans, program sales and marketing plans and business plans for launch and operation of a production company.

The industry field placement in the second semester provides you with hands-on experience in a real world setting. You not only learn what it takes to launch and operate a production company but also gain relevant industry contacts that can be used in future as references. The Toronto film school prepares graduates for employment in the independent film and television production sector, in the areas of production, production management, business development and financing.

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The author of the article, discusses how film and television business programs prepare graduates for careers in areas of TV/film production, production management, business development and accounting. He also discusses how Centennial College's film program in Toronto provides them with the latest knowledge and skills to break into this industry.

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