Master the Art of Marketing with Business marketing degree by Centennial College!

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    Jun 12, 2013
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Master the Art of Marketing with Business marketing degree by Centennial College! Photo by Jason White

Good marketing is like a song that gets stuck in your head—it just sticks. If it is done well you won’t even realize it is happening. From cell phones to toothpaste, the best campaigns stay with you, but coming up with a solid marketing plan doesn’t mean you have to sit around and wait for inspiration to hit. Picking up the right education can get you to the top too.

In the post-secondary world, business marketing programs exist in two formats: university degrees and college diplomas. While many people traditionally gravitate towards a degree, employers are looking for candidates who know how to apply the skills they learn. And that’s where college programs thrive. They’ll teach you core business concepts, but it won’t just be textbook reading. You’ll have hands-on projects to apply your learning and discover how marketing really works.

Most colleges offer a marketing program out of their business schools and each one is a bit different. This year Centennial College’s marketing programs were put in the spotlight after they walked away with a first place win in 2011’s Ontario College’s Marketing Competition (OCMC). The OCMC is a prestigious competition where business students from every college in Ontario analyze and put their real-world marketing skills to the test in front of a panel of industry judges.

Centennial credits their innovative approach and diverse faculty experience for their win. The school offers two-year and three-year marketing options to students, and all of their programs start off with the same general business overview so students gain a good grasp of human resources, international business, accounting and finance before specializing in marketing. 

Their two-year program is notable because of its flexibility.  At the end of the program, students have the option to graduate and enter the industry right away or transfer into the three-year program. The three-year program provides access to specialized marketing courses and the chance for a paid co-op with a Toronto-based marketing agency. 

For those still set on earning a university degree, Centennial’s School of Business maintains several university partnerships with traditional universities like University of New Brunswick and Ryerson University, as well as online universities like Royal Roads University and Athabasca that allow you to earn a business marketing degree through distance education. These universities recognize Centennial’s business program and provided you maintain a certain average, they will apply your college credits so that you can earn both a college diploma and degree in less time. 

College programs are the up-and-coming wave for marketers looking to leave their mark. If you’re interested in reading more about this growing business school and what it offers to future marketers, you can discover more information here.

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