How to Match Your Body Shape When Trying on a Dress

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    Jul 26, 2014
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How to Match Your Body Shape When Trying on a Dress Photo by Colin Armstrong

Every woman is different. Each person has a different asset she wants to show off. Few people have perfect assets in every sector. What makes a piece of clothing stylish and fashionable is not the fabric on your body. It is how it works with what is there. If you are wearing a piece of clothing just because you saw it in a magazine, it's not going to have the pop you're looking for.

Garments like jumpsuits and dresses must fit your body style. In this article, we are going to show you how you should be matching your body shape to the clothing. Read on to find out more!

The Conventional Shape
Most women who want to try on a dress with a pair of high heels will be following the principle of the pear-shaped body. This is the body shape the majority of women have. It is a narrow waist with wider hips.

Women with this body shape should be looking to draw attention to the slimmer upper body. Make sure you avoid anything with stripes and pleats. These only accentuate the broader areas you do not want to show off.

The Apple Shape
Apple-shaped women need to look at drawing attention away from their waists. The waist is the broadest part of a woman with this type of body. In this case, you would be looking at empire-waisted dresses and flat-fronted skirts. Understand that a genuine apple shape is not caused by being overweight. Even a slim and petite woman can have an apple-shaped body.

Busty or Not?
If you have a large bust, you'll want to accentuate the curves. This is where a scooped neckline comes in handy. You can show off what you have ain a relatively modest and conservative way. Tighter clothing that hugs your chest will work fantastically here.

Women with flatter chests might be tempted to opt for a deep y-neck to show off what is there. This will not work and will only accentuate what isn't there. A better alternative is a rounded-neck top with a layered necklace. It uses what you have to add dimensions.

Exceptions to the Rules
There are exceptions to the rules on this list. These are standardised body shapes. They do not take into account all the nuances every woman has.

For example, a woman who is tall with long legs will want to show these off, regardless of body shape. Party dresses would be shorter and tighter to draw attention to the legs. Combining them with heels would set the look off even more.

Another exception is women who have tight and toned abs from all those hours in the gym. Now it is acceptable to draw attention to these sculpted abs. It might not be like drawing attention to the chest, but it still highlights a highly desirable asset, which can also set you apart from other women in the room.

The bottom line is experimentation. Every woman is different and every woman has different personal rules that work best for her. Spend some time trying on different clothing combinations to see what works best.

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