Tips on Buying Wholesale Clothing

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    Aug 07, 2014
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Tips on Buying Wholesale Clothing Photo by Colin Armstrong

As a retailer, wholesale clothing suppliers are an excellent place from which to source items at affordable prices. The no-nonsense approach that wholesalers have to buying and selling is excellent in helping businesses purchase the items they need to sell on at a tidy profit to customers. If you are new to retail and have never had any previous dealings with wholesale shopping, the experience an exciting and rewarding one; however, no two wholesalers are the same and you have to be clued up about what you need and where you get it.

To help you successfully negotiate the world of wholesale fashion, here are some useful tips courtesy of UK Fashion Wholesale.

1. Know What You Want

Different wholesalers will specialise in different areas of fashion so it is important to have a clear idea of what you need before you begin seeking out a distributor. In retail, it is a good to promote expertise in a particular niche, for example children’s clothing or plus-size clothing. Having a set business model and a strong understanding of what you require will help you track down the right wholesaler.

2. Quality Matters

Your customer base depends on the quality of your goods. In such a competitive industry, providing customers with anything less than the best will simply not do. For this reason, you should always deal with a wholesaler that you trust and be provided with assurances that stock is genuine and free of damage. Wholesalers such as that specialise in purchasing items directly from the manufacturer are a safe bet as items haven’t transferred through any middleman before arriving. This reduces the chance of damaged goods.

3. Only Deal with Serious, Reputable Distributors

Echoing the point above, it is crucial to the success of your business that you only ever deal with reputable wholesalers. There are many scam artists in this field out to take your money in exchange for inferior or knock-off products. You do not want to invest money in a pallet load of wholesale t-shirts only to find these are a brand copy. Use the internet to research, check out terms and conditions, and speak to wholesalers directly over the phone.

4. Visit a Wholesaler Personally

This is not often possible given the role of the internet in wholesale clothing; but if you can, visit a wholesaler personally and see what they have to offer first hand.

5. Get the Details

Customers buying from you expect to get what they pay for. To ensure they receive products as described, it is essential that the wholesaler provide you with all of the details regarding a product. This is particularly important if you place wholesale orders after a customer has made their purchase.

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