2 Phones to Buy SIM-Free -The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Vs. the Blackberry Z10

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    Oct 16, 2013
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On the hunt for a new mobile phone? The pure amount of choice you have these days can be overwhelming, there are literally thousands of different models for you to choose from, so how do you know that you're making the right choice? This is an important decision, you want to be satisfied with the phone you get and have no regrets, but deciding on a model can seem close to impossible.

There are plenty of top end models around, but these are going to cost you a fortune. A top of the range iPhone can go for over seven hundred pounds, and flagship Samsung, Sony or Nokia models are over five hundred. Whilst top end phones do have great performance, they also tend to be loaded down with features that the average person just doesn't need.

There are also a growing number of budget smart phones on the market, which are full touch screen phones that will cost you less than a hundred and fifty pounds. These do mean that you save quite a bit of money. On the other hand, a budget model can be lacking in the kind of features and performance that you really need.

That leaves mid-range phones, which do tend to be a good combination of features and price. There are still plenty of phones to choose from though. Ideally, you should compare different models by going through their spec sheets and seeing which is the best value for money. This can be difficult though, since mobile spec sheets often have lots of technical terminology.

That's where we come in. We've looked at some of the best mid-range phones around and matched models up in head to head comparisons which allows you to see quickly and easily which phone is the best buy for you. If you're looking for a great phone at a great price, then just keep reading to find out which two models we're looking at today...

Introducing the Two Phones...

Samsung's flagship phone at the moment is the Galaxy S4, but that's a pricey device. Fortunately, there's another options though. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is a smaller version of the regular S4. It does lack some of the features of the original S4, but it's much more affordable. The S4 Mini is a great little phone, and it's got some serious power.

Blackberry's flagship at the moment is the Z30 model, but again, that is very pricey. The slightly older Blackberry Z10 is a great midrange model though, and it's surprisingly affordable for a Blackberry device. Both of these phones are good devices, but which one is best?

What You'll be Paying...

If you don't want your phone to be locked to any one operator, then you'll need to get a SIM free device. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is going to cost you about three hundred and eighty pounds, and the Blackberry Z10 is a little cheaper at about three hundred and fifty pounds.
You could also sign an incentive contract with an operator to get your phone without having to pay full price up front. The best deal on the Galaxy right now is with O2, and you'll pay no money down for the phone with monthly mobile phone tariffs of £17. The best bet for the Blackberry is with Vodafone, and again you'll pay no money down, this time with monthly mobile phone tariffs of £21.

The Similarities...

Both these models are touch screen phones with very similar display sizes, the Blackberry has a 4.2 inch screen whilst the Galaxy gets a 4.3 inch display, so there's no real noticeable difference. They both have the same 8 MP resolution camera, which is the standard for the price range.
They are both 4G capable, so you can get faster mobile internet speeds. You will need a 4G data plan from your operator to take advantage of this though, or your device will simply connect using slower 3G networks by default. Both have the latest 4.0 Bluetooth version for faster data transfer between devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini...

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has a couple of advantages over the Blackberry model. It does have a faster processor, running a 1700 MHz model over the Blackberry's 1500 MHz model, so it's more powerful, more responsive and snappier than the Blackberry Z10 is.

Because the Galaxy is an Android device, you'll have a lot more choice when it comes to downloading apps. The Android App Market has around seven times more apps available to download than the Blackberry App World, which could be important if you're looking for the latest in gaming and productivity apps.

Finally, though both the phones have more or less the same screen size, the Samsung is the smaller device. It's around ten per cent smaller than the Blackberry, and it's also lighter, weighing in at 107 grams versus the 135 gram Z10, so the Galaxy is more portable and easier to carry around with you.

The Blackberry Z10...

The Blackberry Z10 has a couple of nice advantages too though. It does have a larger internal storage capacity, with a 16 GB internal memory as opposed to the 8 GB memory on the Galaxy. This means that you can store double the amount of music, photos and other data on your Blackberry.

The Z10 also has a better quality display. Around ninety per cent higher screen resolution combined with about forty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), mean that the Blackberry's display is brighter, clearer and better defined than that on the Samsung.

Which is Better?

It's a difficult choice. The extra memory and better screen on the Blackberry are great qualities. However, the faster processor on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini just give it the edge over the Blackberry, in our opinion. Neither model would be a bad buy as a mid-range phone, but the Samsung is just a little better than the Blackberry.

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