Squish Your Squash Competitors Thanks to These Mobile Apps

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    Oct 07, 2013
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Yonex 2 raquet tennis bag  30,000 Won,Fischer squash racquet 50,000 won
Yonex 2 raquet tennis bag 30,000 Won,Fischer squash racquet 50,000 won
Photo by Harsha Goonewardana

Whether you are currently an avid squash player or are just considering your options, there are a number of ways you can boost your knowledge of this fast-paced game. One excellent way to increase your expertise on the squash courts is to utilize mobile apps. Following are a handful of squash apps you might want to consider adding to your tablet or smartphone.

Squash Academy

Available from Mobiling Limited, this app offers everything from squash training videos to tips and exercises. Users of this app can view step-by-step training sessions, can work on their squash strokes, and can review tips from professional players to help build game stamina and endurance.

Squash Scorer Plus

Available from Tim Medhurst, the Squash Scorer Plus app allows users to keep track of their scores using their smartphone. With this app, users can record lets and strokes, score doubles matches, and create professional score sheets too. This app allows users to create graphs from statistical data, export reports, and save score sheets as email attachments. If you are looking for a mobile app to assist with your marking and match refereeing, this app just might be a strong contender.

Squash Scorer

Available from Martin Garbutt, this app allows users to track their squash games on their mobile devices. Users of this app can set up timed pre-game warm ups, can specify game breaks, and can pause scoring should a player become injured during a game. This app even allows users to note whether a player is left handed or right handed.

Inside Squash

Available from Data Jedi, this app is an excellent option if you are just starting to learn how to play squash. This app offers video training, lesson plans, and squash coaching tips. Whether you want to practice your backhand, increase your cross-court speed, or upgrade your ball drop skills, you can do so thanks to this app. If you are looking for training on specific squash skills, you can utilize this app’s search function to drill down to exactly the tips you need.

Whether you are hoping to improve your backhand volleys or you want to work on your short hitting angles, choosing to use a mobile app to increase your squash skills makes perfect sense. You can start and stop your training according to your own schedule and can replay any tips and techniques you find particularly valuable. Whether you are a high school athlete considering squash as a competitive sport or a weekend athlete wanting to better your game, mobile apps for sports training are terrific tools.

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