Nokia Lumia 520 Deals - Windows Phone suddenly got a lot more affordable

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    Jul 18, 2013
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Nokia Lumia 520 Deals - Windows Phone suddenly got a lot more affordable Photo by Adam Nickson

Nokia may no longer seem to be the king of the hill when it comes to the smart phone business but one thing is sure that even though the finish may be down, they are certainly not out! The spirit of the company is reflected in their ‘always keep going” attitude. The most recent example of this ‘never say die’ attitude of the company is reflected in Lumia 520. This is the entry level phone launched by the company to cater to lower end of the smart phone market. The phone however does not make any kind of compromises at all.

In fact the demand of the phone is so high that companies are fighting to get it to customers as soon as they can. This is reflected in the number of choices you get including the option to buy Nokia Lumia 520 with free laptop. Take the Vodafone £37 Red plan for this phone. You sign a 24 month contract with a GBP 37 per month line rental and you get unlimited text messages and unlimited talk minutes.  In addition you get 1 GB of data usage. The cheery on the cake however is the free HP laptop 650 B980 you get with this plan. The advantage of this plan is that you effective monthly cost is GBP 37 itself!

If you do not want the free laptop, you should try to check the Vodafone £17 300 plan for this phone. In this plan you pay a monthly rental of GBP 17 for the line. This Nokia Lumia 520 contract on Vodafone runs for 24 months and you get GBP 15 auto cash back. The effective price therefore is GBP 16.38 every month. In this plan you will get 300 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messaging and 250 MB of data usage.

For the people who do not want to tie themselves to Vodafone, there is an attractive £11 O2 50 Internet Nokia Lumia 520 contract from O2. This is a very cheap plan in as much as you have a monthly line rental of GBP 11 from 24 months but since you get 8 months free line rental your effective cost turns out to be only GBP 7.33 per month. You get unlimited text messages in the plan but only 50 minutes of talk time and 100 MB of data so some compromise is involved!

There are a number of other Nokia Lumia 520 deals from Orange and T-Mobile, though in every case you get the phone for free. Since this is a Windows Phone based device from this company, you can easily expect it to last the contract duration and the companies will be happy to provide you upgrade or unlock options when you want to change.

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