How to Track a Cellphone

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    Jan 14, 2013
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Netspy Mobile, a leading innovator in cellphone technology has come up with a spy device convenient for everyone to use today. The need for tracking a cellphone has increased nowadays. This functions by finding the exact location of person through his or her cellphone, who can be a child, family member, robber or an employee, with using a global positioning satellite (GPS) connection. This method is also known as trilateration. Such way of monitoring has been popular in businesses, because it is a quick and stealth way of tracing fraud or deceitful acts from employees wanting to betray the trust of owners like stealing clients.

How to track a cellphone:

  1. Check Network Settings – know if the cellphone or target phone is compatible with the Netspy Software. Its features work best for phones with a GPS chip. When there is already a spyware set as a feature, the next thing to do is to find what type of software to install and the GPS chip.
  1. Installing the GPS Chip – modern phones, usually, have a GPS chip already present in them. It is seen as a standard in most mobile phones. The older version of cellphones formerly asked for an inquiry with the manufacturer to check for is compatibility for a GPS upgrade. However, in case of nothing found, you can buy one at stores selling mobile phone and have it installed right there (with a service fee of course) or do it personally.
  1. Tracking Services – for cheap ways of tracking a cellphone, buy online a Netspy Software or use the trial download. Compared to the large network providers like Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T, who offer similar services to their plans, this charges really low. The steps are simple and easy. First, an account needs to be registered at the site. Second, the application will be sent to be installed in the user’s computer, together with a secure dashboard control panel. When does tracking a cellphone take place? The retrieved data from the target phone will be sent remotely, without the knowledge of the person getting spied on. Then, in coordination with a Google map, the support of a GPS receiver and use of Java, the user will be able to see the tracked phones using his or her computer. Family and friends are added to personal accounts with their tracking data showing on the computer.
  1. Cost of Services on how to track a cellphone – the price will rang from at least $10 up to $150 per month. After a year of service, there will discounts and offers in cheaper deals for mobile phone tracking. Just visit the site for the options to choose in Netspy Software by Netspy Mobile. Aside from the tracking features already present, there is another spy feature, which is strictly a secret between the user and the company.

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The Netspy Mobile is located at California, U.S.A. The company offers products for clients on cell phone tracking with the most advance technology, they can enjoy for an optimized quality of services. It is compatible with all smartphones made. Acquire one now at the site and enjoy a real spying experience!

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