Row Row Row Your Boat Thanks to These Mobile Apps

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    Oct 07, 2013
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Row Row Row Your Boat Thanks to These Mobile Apps Photo by Sam Jones

Rowing is becoming an increasingly popular sport for athletes of all ages. From high school athletes joining a rowing team to cancer survivors pursuing therapeutic exercise, individuals from all walks of life are discovering the incredible health benefits of rowing. Whether an individual is on the hunt for increased upper body strength or they simply want to experience the mental clarity rowing encourages, athletes of both genders are adding rowing to their repertoire of physical fitness activities. A fantastic way to improve rowing knowledge is to investigate mobile apps for rowers. Following are five app options that might be particularly valuable.

Row Coach Ultra

Available from Peter Wenzel, this app allows you to track a wide variety of data inputs. Whether you want to monitor your strokes per minute or your lap times, you can do so with this app. Row Coach Ultra allows you to monitor race distances, team standings, and individual rower accomplishments too.

Rowing Drills

Available from Beth Shergalis, this app offers a wide variety of rowing drills. Whether you want to improve your performance as a coxswain or you want to perfect your slap blade technique, you can do so with instructions from this app. Techniques covered include feathering skull, king of the world, and tap the gunnels. The animated drills are easy to follow and can be reviewed repeatedly until your technique is perfected.

Rigging for Rowing

Also available from Beth Shergalis, the Rigging for Rowing app is an excellent option if you want a handy reference guide to help you make the most of your rowing vessel. This app covers basics like oar load and length, oarlock pitch, and foot stretcher positioning.

Talos Rowing

Available from Tshalif, this app offers users a wide variety of data tracking options. Features of this app include the ability to track stroke rate, distance covered, and speed per race. This app also offers graph analysis, session recording, and remote monitoring.


If you are interested in perfecting your rowing technique when bad weather impacts your training schedule, the RowActive app from British Rowing might be a good option to consider for indoor training exercises. With this app on your smartphone, you can monitor your body positioning, view warm up drills, and compete against other rowers within the app.

The above five apps are all viable options if you want to upgrade your rowing skills. Which of these apps do you think will offer the most benefit to your rowing activities?

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