Wireless Workplace Security - an often Overlooked but Undoubtedly Valuable Commodity

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    Mar 01, 2013
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Wireless Remote
Wireless Remote
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Security is a word that's used often in a variety of circumstances, but what it actually means depends very much on the context. It's safe to say that we all feel 'secure' in our own homes (at least we'd like to think so) but what about at work? The term itself is pretty subjective; security at a bank will mean something quite different to security at a building site for example. Bank security will largely involve guarding against calculated, larger scale theft whereas building site security will mean security against minor theft of materials and vandalism.

Alongside a human deterrent, many sites will hire a company to design, manufacture and deploy a security system. This system could involve anything from fully automated CCTV system to wireless alarms and vehicle tracking services or all of the above. Whether or not you need such an elaborate setup for your specific situation will be judged by an expert surveyor and risk analyser who most top firms will employ to scout your site before they proceed with any specific plans and when you're both ready they can start building your specific, bespoke security package.

Fire Alarms

In many work places the potential outbreak of fire (a kitchen or building site are particularly ripe hazard areas here) is a consistent threat and it's important to install a security system that can not only combat the fire itself, but keep employees safe from its destructive path. A wireless fire alarm system should include smoke detectors (in order to stop the fire before it starts), break-glass units and a warning system loud enough to alert all employees of any impending fires. Automatic sprinkler systems are also recommended in sites where there's no major electrical equipment.


Wireless CCTV is an imperative addition to any serious security package. Wireless CCTV cameras are now the standard, and will allow you (or an employee) to keep an eye on your entire site from one location. The wireless setup also means that it's incredibly convenient and can be redeployed to another location at a moment’s notice. Not only is CCTV an effective means of surveying the site you intend to secure, but the mere presence of CCTV cameras has been known to act as a criminal deterrent as they are excellent at building a level of intimidation, which in itself breeds security.

Vehicle Tracking

If you're running an operation that requires the use of various vehicles, most of the top security firms will be able to offer vehicle tracking services. This entails undetectable devices, which are attached to each vehicle in your fleet so that they can be monitored (via GPS) from bespoke computer software back at home base. If any of your vehicles are stolen you'll be able to detect immediately where it's been taken, saving yourself both time and money.

Security is not a matter to be taken lightly, and that's an adage that rings true whether you're operating an airport, a shopping mall or a building site. Hopefully we've been able to run that home effectively with this guide and if you need to know more you can always look online.

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Security is paramount, whatever industry you are in. However, some industries require heightened protection and that is why building site security is highly sought after. Grant Thomas has been a frequent contributor for Tag Guard and has written many articles pertaining to all things regarding construction and building site security especially on such subjects as the prevention of copper theft.

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