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    Dec 19, 2012
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Looking at the current education scenario it isn't an exaggeration to say that people are maniac about pursuing MBA (Master’s degree in Business Administration). It seems to be all the rage of today. There are several reasons that contribute to the success of the MBA. First of all this course empowers students with skills to take a plunge into Management, which is a very rewarding industry. Secondly, there are several courses available in this program which cater to the needs of a wide range of public. Hence it attracts people from a wide range of disciplines. Some of the MBA courses are described below-  

MBA in Finance: Master’s in Business Administration (Finance) is a course focused to skill students to efficiently manage the finance department. The course involves the study of how to allocate finances over time under various turbulent scenarios. Basically, students study about the time value of money. It states that the worth of a unit of currency today is more than the same unit of that currency tomorrow. The course can e pursued by students in both traditional and online mode of education. A sage online qualification course in this field called Sage 50 Accounts has become very popular amongst the students all over the world.

MBA in International Business: International business refers to the business activities that take place between two or more parties that belong to two or more different countries. These business activities may include cross border transactions of goods, resources, services, finances etc. Along with globalization, this stream of business management education has been expanding at a very fast pace. However, it is not one of the favorite MBA courses of students as they generally opt for it as a minor course. 

MBA in Operations: MBA in operations is a stream of management education that imparts knowledge to the students for efficiently managing the production process of an organization. Mostly students with technical background pursue this course, as they have an added advantage, of technical knowledge, over others. An efficient management in the operations department is of chief importance for every organization as it directly affects the overall profitability of the organization. The efficient the operations wing of an organization is, the faster the organization grows.     

MBA in HR: MBA in HR is a management course that is focused to empower students with skills for efficiently managing the Human Resources department. An HR professional is responsible for attraction, selection and assessment of employees and much more. MBA in HR has become one of the favorite MB courses. It is also available in online training structure besides traditional mode. An online course called Sage eLearning course for HR has become very famous in past few years. Every year millions of people around the globe pursue this course through online mode.  

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