5 Factors to Consider When Creating Storefront Signs

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    Sep 09, 2014
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5 Factors to Consider When Creating Storefront Signs Photo by Davis Aiden

When it comes to your storefront sign, it’s just like a flag which gives an indication to your prospective customers to saunter inside. The layout, graphics, text, images, logo and everything should be informative, visible, attention-grabbing, yet succinct. The display should also exude your store’s theme, culture and personality. Getting this done is not as easy as it sounds.  Professional and experienced companies dealing in such products and services are able to do it with perfection. 

So, let’s continue reading this article to learn about the tricks and tips to develop stellar storefront displays.

First Determine the Dimensions & Size

First, you need to understand how big your sign will be. This again depends on the space available and budget. How much space you have outside your shop and how much you can afford to spend on the design and installation matters a lot. Take measurements of the premises and consult about the dimensions with the manufacturer. Study the print brochures of the manufacturer if required.

Here are a few recommendations for you:

● For every ten feet of viewing distance, the ideal font size should be 1 inch in height. Say for instance, if you want your store display to be visible from a distance of 30 feet, the letters should be at least 3 inches in height.
● The overall size of the product should be proportionate and must not look small or clumsy from a distance.

Ask for a Template File

Get in touch with a sign maker and ask for a template file. This will help you make the display as per your business needs. The template can be sized in sync with the exact proportions required to make the product. Inquire if the provider is using an appropriate software application to create a custom template.

Font Consideration

You have a café selling grilled chicken or ham sandwiches and coffee. Your coffee shop is in a busy location where thousands of people pass by, either walking or driving away in their car. In this context, it’s imperative that you choose a bold font that is easily noticeable by passing people and vehicles. Avoid using script fonts because they appear as handwriting and won’t be legible enough to read.

If you already have a logo in place with a catchphrase, you can use that font for writing your brand name.

As far as the font size is concerned, ensure that it is visible from quite a distance. Take some time in deciding the size because the lettering height will take about 30-60 percent of the space.


It is recommended that you choose two colors for your store signage. You can always opt for a third color provided that you use a neutral shade to balance the 2 colors. The colors you choose should create a good contrast so that the lettering and texts are visible against the backdrop.

Some of the combinations that will work best for your store are:
● Blue and white
● Yellow and black
● White and black

Again, if you are using corporate colors, use not more than two to maintain brand consistency.

Descriptive Illustration of the Offerings

Only contrasting shades and typeface will not work for you. You need to use short illustrative descriptions adjacent to the primary text of your storefront display. This will give your customers an idea of what you are offering in your store. This is more applicable for ice-cream and art and craft shops.

So, if you have a coffee shop or eatery on a busy high street, have a word with any reputed company offering sign design services to get the most out of your investment.

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