Three Important Pre-conditions of OOH Advertising!

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    Apr 17, 2013
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Three Important Pre-conditions of OOH Advertising! Photo by Oohad Specialist

Gaining public attention about a brand promotion activity is much easier through an OOH   Advertising campaign. However, there are some pre-conditions for advertisers before they launch their outdoor advertising campaign. Three important pre-conditions of outdoor advertising are briefly discussed through this blog. Take a look.

1. Know your brand, understand its features- What does your brand offer? How is it going to benefit your customers? How will you popularize your brand amongst its customers? These are few questions to be considered and evaluated before launching your campaign. If you know your brand well, you will be able to design an exclusive brand message which will further be delivered to your target customers. OOH Advertising guarantees maximum impact of the brand promotion campaign provided you frame a relevant brand message.

2. Keep it real; do not talk surreal- Advertising is not a surreal activity. As an advertiser, you need to keep the strings of reality attached to the features of the brand and its promotion activities. One cannot simply talk about his brand through stirring metaphors or similes. The message of the advertising activity should have some ground realities. You don’t need to talk big, you need to talk smart. Yes, smartness is the mantra of a successful brand communication. Talk straight, talk smart and create a magical impression of your brand on your customers.

3. Provide a unique appeal- Remember, any advertising campaign is directed towards human beings and not to robots or other living beings. So, it is mandatory to provide a unique appeal through the advertisement. The appeal can range from emotions to fear or sense of belongingness but it is important to use at least one appeal in any brand message.

Any outdoor advertising campaign which strictly observes the above pre-conditions will provide a striking and lasting impression on customers which will further enhance sales of the advertised brand.
With immense advancement in OOH advertising practices, walking out of home is never the same. The same old street suddenly seems enticing and refreshing, the billboards at the traffic points have something new to talk about a brand and the shopping malls are never the same. Enhancing the overall brand experience of customers, OOH Advertising has indeed topped the chart amongst the best mediums of brand promotion.

The best part of modern OOH Advertising is that accessing brand information is no more a mundane experience. Interactive and livelier than ever before, it is quite an experience to access brand information on the move through the interactive mediums of OOH Advertising such as digital billboards, electronic kiosks, backlit translits, product display boxes etc. Remotely manipulative, advertisers can also make required changes in their ad content or design through these digitalized tools of OOH Advertising.


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