The Importance of Printing Companies in Todays Economy

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    Jan 30, 2013
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The Importance of Printing Companies in Todays Economy Photo by Sarah  Blackmore

Printing companies have been in existence for centuries and have seen some of the most significant technological advances of any industry. Printers have played a paramount role in societal and business development for hundreds of years. It began with the transition from scribes handwriting information on parchment paper in the Middle Ages, to the first viable printing press equipment developed by Johannes Gutenberg in 1458. Gutenberg’s printing press provided movable type for letters, numbers and punctuation. This printing equipment, with some minor modifications, was used for the next 400 years.

Printing machinery improves in the late 1800s

In the late 1800s, the first steam press was introduced, which replaced hand-operated equipment and allowed for a more efficient manner of printing. Wealthy individuals frequently ordered engraved invitations and announcements, while news entities used equipment at hand to produce newspapers and circulars.

The 1900s bring more sophisticated printing equipment

By the mid-1900s, more sophisticated printing equipment had been developed so magazines and books were being printed and sold at a rapid pace. Businesses were using printers to produce flyers and posters to advertise specials and sales. Entertainment entities such as traveling shows and theater productions were calling upon printing companies to produce marketing collateral for the promotion of performance schedules.

Advanced technology used today

The turn of the century has brought high tech printing equipment to the forefront and nearly every business in the country uses printing companies frequently. One of the most significant advances in printing technology is the invention of digital printing. Digital printing provides economical, high quality printing that was once reserved for the more expensive printing methods. This method of printing allows for on-demand quantities rather than required minimum amounts. Changes can also easily be made using digital printing.

Why businesses use printing companies

Businesses, large and small, rely on the services of printing companies as an integral component of their marketing plans. Printers provide banners, postcards, posters, flyers, business cards, advertisements, announcements, stationery, and many other forms of marketing communication needed by companies to ensure their success.

It is also possible today to order high tech marketing print such as quick response codes through a printer. Quick response codes, known as QR codes, are small squares of coding that consist of an offer such as something free, discounted, or reward points. These QR codes are scanned via technology such as smart phones, tablets, and small readers to see what is contained in the code for redemption. Companies will use a QR code within a postcard direct mail campaign to entice consumers to their places of business. The consumer is typically required to present the postcard at the facility to redeem the offer. Tracking the success of the campaign is made simple using this technique, as the cards are accumulated at the redemption point and then can be counted against the overall mailing.

Printing industry supports the economy

Through the endless services and assistance found within the experienced teams at printing companies, the economy is able to thrive through the products the printers produce for businesses. These print products and services enable the companies to improve their market share through the various marketing efforts utilizing printed materials. The print industry is a valued business partner.




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