Independent Gas Transporters May Deliver Your Gas

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    Jan 18, 2014
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Gas Works
Gas Works
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The National Grid is the sole owner of the gas transmission system in the UK. All gas must pass through the National Grid, and it works with numerous UK companies to guarantee all customers have gas available when and where they need to use it. It's important that gas is always available when people turn on the stove in the morning, run water for the shower, or push up the heat when the weather is chilly. Once gas leaves the transmission system it is delivered to the distribution networks that are responsible for transporting it to the millions of UK customers who depend on it being available. Independent gas transporters (IGT) are part of the distribution network.

Why You Should Consider Natural Gas


There is a wonderful convenience with natural gas, because it is always there when you need it. You don't have to remember to order it, or hope the next deliver arrives before the current one runs out. You don't need a messy storage tank in the garden. Fill the empty space with some pretty shrubs and flowers or a nice patio.


Your water is always hot and there is plenty of it. Everyone can take a shower without having to wait for the water to heat up in between. No expensive immersion heater is necessary, and you will never run out of hot water again.    


Natural gas boilers are dependable and highly efficient. They are clean burning and have a life expectancy of approximately twenty years.


Natural gas is versatile, and you can cook with it, take showers with it, dry your clothes with it, heat your home with it, and even have a barbecue with the neighbors.


Natural gas is the clean fossil fuel. It treats the environment better, and by using it you will reduce your home's carbon footprint by as much as 50%. Everyone needs to pitch in and be environmentally responsible.


People love natural gas once they have switched. The benefits of natural gas are immediate and fantastic. Once people experience a hot shower every time and fast heat time, they don't ever want to change from natural gas. People brag about having natural gas and all of its benefits.

Payment And Delivery

Some people prefer to pay with direct debit and possibly get a better tariff, but you can also pay quarterly or choose a "pay as you go" meter. One of the independent gas transporters (IGT) or the National Grid may be in charge of transporting your gas. Either way, you can know your natural gas supply is ready and available the very second you need it.

New Build

Many contractors prefer to use an IGT when constructing a development, because the IGT frequently offers a more competitive rate for connection work. If this is your situation, you will notice the IGT charge on your bill. While you always have the freedom to choose who you want for a supplier, you don't get to choose the transporter. You can be fairly certain that all new housing will have an IGT for their gas transport.

How Payments Work

If you have wondered why gas costs what it does, and who pays for what services, the following might explain a little of the process.

The gas producers (mostly foreign) and the importers (mostly UK) sell the gas to the shippers licensed by the government. While the gas is flowing through the transmission lines, the shippers own it. The shippers sell it to gas suppliers. The shippers pay the National Grid for the privilege of using the National grid terminals and networks. The shippers must pay ether the National Grid transporters or independent gas transporters to transport the gas to the homes and businesses of the consumers. It goes without saying that all fees and charges are passed on to the consumer. The fees cover the cost of operating and maintaining networks and transport, as well as a 24-hour emergency help-line.

There are many suppliers to choose from. Many offer incentives to get your business. Always shop for the best tariff before committing yourself to a particular supplier. Your supply company will arrange for the shipping and transporting of your gas so that it is at your door when you need it. You will never run out of gas again, if you use natural gas.

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