The IMPORTANCE of a Nest Egg and the Importance of Finding a Cash Cow

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    Dec 11, 2012
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Marketing has been my life long ambition for as long as I know. With the advent and popularity of the Internet, my views can now be shared worldwide as by way of this forum. Next up I guess is to send items worldwide 'a la time machine' thus eliminating shipping companies (LOL). Ones need of being financially secure is Paramount as it allows us to afford several luxuries that were not at our disposal several years before.   

Take me for instance.  I live between Barbados and New York City and part of my heritage is Irish hence the name Doyle. Seeing me however and knowing I was born in Barbados, Africa and its heritage is a no brain-er. Eventually I want to settle Down Under via Europe and The Middle East (Australia because of its proximity to The Great Barrier Reef, New Zealand, Southern points and South American). There is no point in settling somewhere until one has seen everywhere else. I will leave South and Central America to visit.  

All these things in my future cost money. Relocation today is an extremely expensive process especially when family, housing, day-to-day traveling and schools is involve. Lucky enough for me, I have chosen a profession that allows me to go anywhere I please. It can be accomplished from anywhere on Earth thanks to the Internet.  

My mind is already made up and what remains is to gain enough capital to afford the luxury of this bold adventure. At this point, one ask 'what does this have to do with the Internet and marketing?' The answer is EVERYTHING. Once you enquire, you will see. A wealth of knowledge on the topic of get rich schemes (scams omitted) awaits. Financial freedom is everyone's wish. With the mounting cost of living and constantly escalating prices, quality living for us and our children comes at a premium.   

This is why 'get rich schemes' are so prevalent in todays media. I am by no means rich but I am comfortable. This allows me to give advice  on attaining the same success that affords me the luxury of being able to live the way I want and to enjoy life as I do. Nothing in life is fool-proof. The object has not changed, ' PLAN YOUR WORK and WORK YOUR PLAN '. The investment in your future is worth its weight in gold as I am trying to do the same to mine. The answer is clear. Well planned investments that are solid and hard work is the way to go. There is enough money to go around. Throwing it away unnecessarily is not the way to go as is following after the crowd.  

Find a profession you like, dabble in 1 or 2 schemes you were recommended, don't get hooked and by no means quit your day job. By the way, pick up a decent hobby like writing ( I have) and stay true to yourself. Now you know my ambitions. I would want for my neighbors to be just as successful as I am.    

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