How to Get a Good Broadband Deal

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    Oct 09, 2013
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USB Wars! One Socket, 5 devices, the battle begins!
USB Wars! One Socket, 5 devices, the battle begins!
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Your broadband connection can be quite literally your lifeline to outside world if you are working from home. Even if you use the Internet for leisure, it might still be very important to your daily life. Many households are afraid to switch providers for fear that they will be without service for too long. While you may be without broadband while you convert your plan, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. And, the good news is that many customers are able to switch providers quite seamlessly. The bottom line is that you should never be paying more for your broadband than you need to, even if it means ditching your current provider. Here are tips for finding the best broadband deal in your area.

Contact Your Current Provider
If fear of losing your connection is holding you back from switching to a cheaper plan with another provider, call the company that currently gives you broadband service. Sometimes just the threat of leaving might be enough to coax them into giving you a deal. Let your provider know about specific packages with another company that are less expensive to see if they will match the same rate. They may be willing to negotiate to keep you as a customer.

Bundle Services
On average, you can pay less for your broadband service if you bundle it with another service like a telephone line. According to one UK newspaper, as of 2013 customers who don’t bundle their broadband service with another line can pay double for their service compared to people who do bundle. If you already have a television connection and home phone, it’s worth looking into a bundle that can save you money each month.

Look into Download Allowance
If you use your broadband service to stream video, such as with BBC iPlayer, you may be paying a lot of money in extra charges for going over your download allowance for the month. Consider getting a broadband plan with a very generous download allowance if you know that you need to access a lot of online media on a regular basis. Conversely, if you only use your broadband connection to send a few emails and check your social media accounts once a day, you may be able to save money by downgrading to a plan that doesn’t include a large download allowance.

Go Online
Some of the best broadband deals can be found online. Communication providers reserve special rates, packages, and offers to those customers who sign up over the Web. If you don’t get the answers you want to hear from a phone representative, log on to the company’s website to see if you can find a better deal. Broadband deals vary by postcode, so make sure that you enter your address when it’s allowed to ensure that you are viewing the most accurate price quote for where you live.

Don’t Leave Too Soon
If you are locked into a 12 month contract with your current broadband provider and you leave before it’s been fulfilled – you may be charged with a hefty cancellation fee that negates your future savings. Always find out if you are able to leave your current service without penalty before you sign up for another broadband plan. This is another opportunity to negotiate with your current provider. Let them know that if they don’t offer you a better price by your contract’s end date, you have already found a better plan that you are going to switch to.

Avoid Add-Ons
Many providers will try to lure you in with appealing add-ons, but in the end these will only hike up your monthly rate. In some cases the add-ons will be sold as a free service, but in the fine print you will find that the free status is only temporary, and after a set time period you will start to be automatically charged. Avoid any additional service that is not indefinitely free as stated in your contract.

Broadband service is offered by multiple providers in many areas, so if you find competing companies within range, chances are you will be able to negotiate a better deal for yourself. Continue to scout for better deals each time your contract ends, because you never know what new price deals have become available since you last shopped for broadband service.

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