The iPad: 3 Deals for Teens

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    Jan 24, 2014
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iPad 3G and iPad Wi-Fi
iPad 3G and iPad Wi-Fi
Photo by Yutaka Tsutano

Most teens would agree that an iPad is pretty desirable, so in this article we are telling you all about the iPad, 3 deals which teens are going to love, and letting you know what you should be looking for in a decent teen iPad contract.

Why the iPad: 3 Deals for Teens?
Mobile computing is the biggest market in technology today, and no one knows this more than a teenager. Not only that, but tablets are the fastest growing sector of the mobile computing market. Why should your teen get a tablet though?

A tablet is a compromise solution. It offers more portability than a regular laptop, whilst offering a larger screen than a smartphone. This makes a tablet ideal for teens, whether for school or for entertainment purposes and most teens will benefit from having a tablet to carry around with them wherever they go.
The iPad range is the bestselling tablet range on the market right now, and offers great performance, solid features and award winning design. Going with the iPad is also going to give you more options for deals, since many mobile operators offer deals on iPads rather than on other tablet models.

Which Model Is Right?
You can get three different iPad models at the moment, these being the iPad Air, the iPad Mini and the iPad 2. Be aware of the fact that Apple did retire the iPad 3 model last year when they launched the iPad Air, so deals on the iPad Air have replaced iPad 3 deals.

The iPad Air and iPad Mini are extremely similar. They have the same super powerful A7 64 Bit chip set for speed and responsiveness, and both have extremely high screen resolution as well. You will get a front facing FaceTime camera for using apps such as Skype, and a 5 MP rear facing camera on both models. Both models are available in 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB sizes. The only difference is screen size. The Air has a 9.7 inch screen, whilst the Mini has a 7.9 inch screen.

The iPad 2 is a slightly older model, though it is a little more affordable because of this. It has a slower A5 chip set, and whilst you get the larger 9.7 inch display size, screen resolution is lower. It does have a FaceTime camera, however. The iPad 2 is only available in a 16 GB version at the moment.

In truth, any of these models will be suitable for teen use, though the big 128 GB Air and Mini versions are maybe a little pricey to hand over to a teenager. What is more important is going to be the deal which you are offered.

Choosing a Teen iPad Deal
An iPad does have a Wi-Fi connection, but this means being tied down to a Wi-Fi hot spot. A better solution for most people is to use a mobile operator SIM card to access an operator network and go online wherever there is a mobile phone signal. For this reason, many mobile operators offer iPad deals which include the iPad itself as well as a SIM card and data contract.

This is an excellent option, since it will mean that you do not need to pay the full up front price of the iPad. You will need, however, to ensure that you are signing up with an operator who has coverage in your area, or else data speeds will be slow or a connection might not be possible. You can check coverage easily here using the OFCOM website.

You are going to be looking for a few different things in a good teen iPad deal. Of course, you are going to be looking at prices, you want to have an affordable monthly bill. Some iPad deals are going to require a down payment, this will be a fraction of the retail cost of the iPad, but it will probably make your monthly payment a lot lower, so it is worth considering a down payment plan if you can afford it.

That leaves two issues. The first is how much monthly data there is included in the plan. Too much data and you end up paying for data which does not get used, too little data and you end up with unpleasant extra charges on your monthly bill because the data limit has been exceeded. A good teen plan should have somewhere between 2 GB and 5 GB of included data, which is an average data plan size.

Finally, there is the issue of speed. Because the data plan is coming from a mobile operator you have the choice of either a 3G or a 4G plan. 4G data speeds are much faster, but prices are also generally more expensive for these plans. The decision is up to you, but for an affordable teen plan a 3G data contract is probably going to be a better option.

The Best 3 Teen Deals for iPads
There are many iPad deals to choose from, but we have done a little of the research for you and found three great affordable plans which we feel make the best options for teens. If you are looking for a good teen deal, then you might want to check out one of these plans.

The first is a deal on the iPad 2, which may be a good bet for younger teens as it is the least expensive model. This contract is with T-Mobile, has a small £100 down payment and a monthly cost of £26. It includes 2 GB of mobile data.

The second deal is with Orange and it is on the 16 GB version of the iPad Mini. It will cost you an £80 down payment and again it is £26 per month on a plan with 2 GB data limit.

The last deal is again with T-Mobile. This is for the 32 GB version of the iPad Air; a good choice for older teens. It has a £200down payment and costs £31 per month. The plan has 3 GB of mobile data included.

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