Getting Better Connectivity on Your iPad

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    Dec 07, 2013
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iPad & Friends
iPad & Friends
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Since the launch of the new iPad, the Apple support forum has been flooded with complaints about the Wi-Fi connection that you can get.  The iPad seems to have a problem maintaining a steady Wi-Fi connection. 

Most people want to use their iPads using Vodafone, Three or O2 iPad deals that they have bought. However all these deals have data limits, so most users prefer to use Wi-Fi whenever they can rather than burning through their data allowance.

If you are having problems with this connectivity mode then you should know that you are not alone.  There are many other users who are suffering from the same problem and you need to consider what the fixes are.  There are a number of steps that you can take to increase the connectivity of your iPad without having to check uSwitch for a mobile broadband package.

What Apple Has to Say

Since so many users have been having problems with broadband connectivity Apple has weighed in with some help for users.  An article in the knowledge base has stated that this is a problem and has a number of solutions available.  Apple states that if you have a Wi-Fi router that supports 2.4 and 5GHz bands then you could have a problem with the connectivity of your iPad. 

There are a number of suggestions about what you can do to increase the connectivity of the iPad that you have.  You should consider these suggestions, and look into them, as they could solve your problems with iPad connectivity.

Updating The Router Firmware

When many people see the suggestion that they need to update their routers firmware they might feel a little overwhelmed.  This seems to be something that only tech savvy people should be doing.  However, this could be easier than you imagine, and if you still have your router manual you should be able to find out what to do. 

It is important that you check the firmware your router has before you try and connect the iPad.  For the iPad to connect the router needs to have the most up to date software possible.  The updating of the firmware is something that some routers will do automatically.  However, there are others that need you to manually complete this.  Your user manual should be able to tell you how to log into your router and how to update the firmware. 

The Location of the Router

Moving closer to your router could help you connect to the broadband connection.  However, you also have to consider location of the router and how this could affect what you are doing.  If your router is located close to certain other devices you could have interference in the signal.  This means that the signal is weakened and possibly hidden by other wavelengths from the other devices. 

You should move the router away from devices like the microwave, cordless phones and Bluetooth devices.  When you do this you are going to be limiting the interference that could affect your signal.  The increase in the signal that is sure to come after this could help with the connectivity of the iPad. 

The Router Standard

If you still have problems with the router you should look at setting the router to operate on the one 802.11 standard.  Most of the routers that are on the market support a number of standards including the 802.11n, a, b and g.  If you set your router to operate on only the 802.11n standard then you will be setting it for the greatest standard available.  The fact that the iPad comes with support for the 802.11n standard will also help with your broadband connectivity. 

By matching the standard that your router runs on to the standard that the iPad works with you will be placing them on the same level.  This means that the iPad and the router have a better chance of recognising each other and staying connected. 

Changing the Network Name

Many people find this suggestion from Apple to be slightly odd, but when you look at the details you will see why it could make sense.  Apple has suggested that you rename your network according to the band that they work on.  This means that the network that runs on 802.11n should have a name that tells you about the band. 

The idea behind this is that you will be able to connect to the network that complements the iPad system.  Of course, this is not something that can work for all people.  You will first have to know what network band you are working and then you will need to rename it.  If you have a router that uses more than one network band then you will have to choose one and then rename the network.  However, if this is what you have to do then you have to wonder if renaming the network will really make a difference.

Changing the Security Encryption

The last suggestion that Apple makes is to change the security encryption of your router.  This is a step that many people are weary of taking because it could undermine the overall security of the network.  The encryption you get with WPA and WPA2 is the best and what you are told to use instead of WEP.  However, there are some people who feel that the WPA security encryption does slow down the network you have.  Of course, there are other people who feel that the WEP security encryption is the one that slows down the network.
Apple suggests that to increase the connectivity of the iPad you should try changing the encryption setting to a different level.  This means that if you are using WEP try WPA.  It is recommended by Apple that you use the same encryption setting across the network so that you do not have any problems with the connection.

It seems that the one problem that iPad users are certainly having is issues with connectivity.  If you are looking to increase the connectivity of the iPad that you have you need to look at the suggestions that Apple have made.  These suggestions could help you overcome the problems you have with your broadband connection.  Of course, you should not use any suggestions that you are not completely comfortable with. 

You could of course jump onto O2 iPad deals, or deals from other providers, if you have a SIM-based iPad. You will want to get Wi-Fi issues sorted, but jumping on mobile broadband can be an immediate temporary solution.

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